Job SL003 – what good climate youtubes exist?

If you are interested in doing this job, please email us on, in case
a) it has already been done and we’ve forgotten to take it down
b) things have Changed and the job is now very different.
And please remember our terms and conditions – we don’t pay you, you don’t get expenses. You DO get to choose to be anonymous or not…

Date added: 3 Jan
Situation: There are some very good youtubes on climate change (science, policy, activism) out there. We think.
Mission: Create a “provisional MCFly top five” for climate science, climate policy, dealing with denialists.
Execution: Trawl for videos. Watch them, keeping note of their length, addresses, relative strengths and weaknesses. Give us that list
Administration: You’ll need broadband and a strong stomach.
Command and Control: you then us

Autonomy: you da boss
Mastery: you might even come up with some general principles of what makes a good video…
Purpose: How cool is it to cut throught the internet clutter and find the gems!!!


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