Short story contest terms and conditions

UPDATE 6th November – apologies for the delay in announcing the winners.   We will have this sorted by the end of the month. 

UPDATE 14th November – short-listed entries are now with the judges… Apologies again! Announcement imminent.

UPDATE 19th November – we have a winner and two runners-up, who will be contacted this evening.  A public  announcement will be made on Friday 22nd November!!  Again, apologies for the delays, that are the responsibility of MCFly, NOT the judges.

Terms and Conditions

We are looking for short stories that respond to the phrase “Manchester (UK) in a warmer world.”

Upper word limit is 2000 words (there is no minimum).

All entries must be in English. They must be sent in plain text in the body of an email to with the subject header “Short Story Contest entry.” If there are specific formatting issues, please contact the organisers. Please include your name(s), a phone number that you can be contacted on. These will be stripped out for the purposes of judging.

There is no upper or lower age limit for entries, and collaborative entries ARE allowed. If a collaborative entry wins, only one prize will be issued.

Closing date for receipt of entries is 12 noon Friday August 16, 2013 UK time. Late entries will not be considered.

Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and must never have been published in a book or anthology, though they may have been previously published in a magazine / journal / periodical. Stories can be on any subject and in any style, but must be no more than 2000 words in length.

Stories may not be simultaneously submitted to other competitions, or for consideration in a magazine, book or anthology.

There is no entry fee.

Maximum number of submissions by one individual is two. No corrections can be made after receipt. Once submitted, entries cannot be withdrawn.

We will acknowledge receipt of entries. If you have not heard from us within one week of application (or 72 hours from August 1st), please contact us on

You are responsible for completing the submission process correctly and alerting us to any problems you encounter.

Entrants must be contactable at the email address they provide at the time of judging. Winners who do not respond to email contact will still be announced as winners but will forfeit their prize if they do not claim it within 30 days of the results being published on the website.

Worldwide copyright of each entry remains with the author, but Manchester Climate Monthly will have the unrestricted right to edit and publish submitted stories in multimedia formats, including (but not limited to) website, ebook and print formats, without restriction.

The judges’ decision is final and no individual correspondence can be entered into.

Prize winners will be notified by email once judging is complete. Judging will begin when the competition closes and be completed by the end of September. The list of prize-winners will be displayed on the website.

All deadlines, including the closing date, date of announcement, etc. may be postponed by Manchester Climate Monthly, but won’t be.

Entry implies acceptance of all the terms and conditions.


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  1. Wendy F says:

    May we know what stories appear on the short list?

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