Stakeholder Conference 2012

Here you will find links to pages about the Stakeholder Conference 2012 (see our blogs on it – “Newsflash: Steering Group steers towards democracy” and “Stakeholders hold stakes: Outbreak of dissent at Stakeholder Conference.
See also our page on “how it could be done

We have created a page for each of the workshops and the keynote.

Workshops on Vision, Culture, Knowledge, Environment and Community

Workshops on Moving, Growing, Adapting, Living, Working

Keynote by Tom Burke

If you want to comment, on any of the pages, send us an email to, telling us which page you want us to post your comments and whether you want your name/email published. Our default setting is going to be anonymous.
We will publish all comments that are not a) libellous b) sexist/racist etc c) excessively long; if you want to vent at length, use your own website!)

If you have comments about the conference overall, we will post them below.


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