Campaigns/groups make many mistakes. One of the big ones is failing to help their members learn new skills. For more about the ins and outs of this, see “ASK for the World“.

Skills people will need/acquire for the journey (as distinct from being ON the committee)
Please note- you won’t need all of these at a high level. And some you won’t need or want at all. Nobody is going to blame you if you want to stick to one or two things that are in your comfort zone!

* Social media – Facebook, Twitter
* Lobbying of Councillors (that’s not as sketchy as it sounds! No brown envelopes of cash, just polite and persistent questions)
* Blogging
* Writing letters to newspapers (and press releases)
* Research (e.g. Freedom of Information Act Requests)
* Public speaking
* Report-writing
* Video-making

There will also be opportunities to learn (or teach!)
* Meeting Design
* Facilitation
* Project management


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