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Our friends in Castle Grayskull

The end of the Leese era approaches? Of Retail Park defeat, Tombstones and new committees?

Marc Hudson, writing with his Manchester Climate Monthly hat on, ponders the recent past and the near future of his adopted home. There are adults reading this who were not born when Richard Leese – after 6 years as deputy … Continue reading

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Rant: On “stakeholders”

People look at the Manchester Climate Change “Agency” and are lost in figuring out how it relates to the other bits of the puzzle; who funds it, who scrutinises it, who sets the direction, who is – ultimately -responsible. And … Continue reading

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“#Climate change at the centre of everything we do.” #Manchester City Council and its car park revenues…

This morning the Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee heard from Chloe Jeffries of Climate Emergency Manchester (full disclosure – Dr Jeffries is a friend, and we are both core group members of CEM). CEM is campaigning for proper scrutiny of … Continue reading

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Letter: #Manchester City Council avoiding the big problems.

The report “Call for city roads to be ‘pedestrian only’” (M.E.N., 4 February) was both simultaneously hopeful and fundamentally depressing.It’s hopeful because the tide may be turning after decades of Manchester City Council’s pro-car obsession (though we shall see – they have … Continue reading

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Letter: #Manchester City Council, #climate change and the Challenger disaster

Your article “73 seconds to tragedy” (M.E.N., 31 January) was a good reminder of the Challenger Space Shuttle’s destruction. The night before the shuttle was torn apart high above Florida, the engineers for Morton Thiokol, the company that built its booster … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council, #LevyBeeNetwork and #climate action- what we learn, aka “Three ways to hell”

Three ways to hell: What do we learn about Manchester City Council? There seem to be three possibilities for civil society organisations trying to get Manchester City Council to play a useful role in making this city greener or fairer  … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council to spend £196k on #climate boss – except nobody has been appointed

Manchester City Council has earmarked 196 thousand bounds for a new boss for its Climate Change “Agency.”  Sounds great, eh?  There’s just one small problem. Well, two.  Okay, three. First – despite a national advertising campaign last year (they refuse … Continue reading

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Council gives HOME £1.3m per year – demands NO low carbon culture action.

Exclusive!  Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, Manchester Climate Monthly can now revealed details of all requests from the City Council to the arts organisation HOME asking it to do more to create a “low carbon culture.”  Brace … Continue reading

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After the election: Consequences and implications for #Manchester #climate policy

What can we know, what is to be done? Another hot-take, but specifically on Manchester climate action. With the usual disclaimers (1), there are a few things we can confidently say about the large Conservative/”Brexit” win (for what the Conservative … Continue reading

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Shock news!! #Manchester City Council upholds complaint against member, officer, on filming.

Manchester City Council has upheld a complaint about the behaviour of the Chair of Planning and Highways Committee and a senior officer.  At the October 2019 meeting of the Planning Committee, its chair, Councillor Basil Curley (Labour, Charleston)  and a … Continue reading

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