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Event Report: Kevin Anderson on informed hope Trumping despair…

The tl:dr.  Professor Kevin Anderson, one of the most plain-spoken and photogenic* climate scientists on the planet still isn’t willing to say that we are definitely doomed.  Graphs and well-aimed barbs at policy-makers and climate scientists ensued…. [*  he’s a bloke, … Continue reading

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Not #Manchester; Reality Check on Paris – “This Changes Nothing”

Clive Spash got monstered a few years back in Australia, for simply telling the truth. Some (Labor) politicians did not like this.  Well, he’s clearly not learnt his lesson, because he’s telling the truth again. For a Manchester take on … Continue reading

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Video: Kevin Anderson on Paris, honesty and hope #COP21

Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre Manchester kindly agreed to a further interview.  In this first part we discuss the outcomes of the recent UN climate conference in Paris, the reality of fossil fuel subsidies and the signal the … Continue reading

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#Manchester Professor (Kevin Anderson) on#climate deal in Paris

Professor Kevin Anderson has a typically blunt article in the latest edition of the journal “Nature” – here is a the beginning of it; The climate agreement delivered earlier this month in Paris is a genuine triumph of international diplomacy. … Continue reading

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“2 degrees” = dangerous #climate change. Interview with author

“The Two Degrees Dangerous Limit for Climate Change: Public understanding and decision making” is a (very) new book by academic Chris Shaw. Here he responds to a series of questions about the two degree limit, the recent Paris conference, and … Continue reading

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Is a lower energy #climate event possible? Probably not. #MACF #Manchester

A low carbon future is going to be about a) doing things very differently. It’s going to be about b) keeping our commitments and about c) making sure that scarce resources are allocated according to plan. On tonight’s example, we’re … Continue reading

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Video: Professor Kevin Anderson talks to #Manchester Economy Scrutiny Committee #climate #mcc

The Economy Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council yesterday heard from Professor Kevin Anderson about climate change and its impacts. His presentation was followed by a vigorous question and answer session. The meeting, which was attended by over 20 members … Continue reading

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