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Upcoming: “Beyond the Fracking Polemic” Tues 7th October, University of #Manchester

Not organised by MCFly.  And no need to book –  you just turn up.

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Daily Mash: Humans undecided on total destruction of nature versus having cool stuff

We have been killing cute things (pandas and polar bears) and not-so-cute things for a long time, with impressive results.  But who is to say the price isn’t worth paying?

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Sunday 5th October – meet people, cause constructive mayhem

This Sunday, 5th October, you have a chance to come and meet other people who care about Manchester’s future, and to work with them on a series of concrete, albeit odd, projects. It’s not every day that citizens gather and … Continue reading

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Appearing before a scrutiny committee – (Finance, about “The Scrutiny Mutiny”)

Manchester City Council has six scrutiny committees (Young People and Children’s, Neighbourhoods, Economy, Communities, Finance and Health).  These aim to keep tabs on what the Executive (9 top councillors) and officers of the City Council are doing.  The Council really … Continue reading

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Job Alert: #Manchester Veg People Worker Co-op Member   Want to help bring the freshest, most local organic produce to Manchester? Do you have a passion for good food and want to support local farmers? Then Manchester VegPeople may be for you. We are a unique multi-stakeholder … Continue reading

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No eco-dashboard, no apology, just a “clarification”

Rather than turn up in person and admit that he had, albeit unintentionally, given the Finance Scrutiny Committee duff information, Richard Leese (for it is he), got the Environmental “Strategy” Team (for it is them), send a retraction and apology… … Continue reading

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Victory regained: Finance Scrutiny Committee demands action and answers on Clean City Fund

It’s been a long long fight, but slowly the Council is being forced to be minimally and routinely open about how it has been spending the £14.5m “Clean City Fund.” Here’s a 10 minute video of what was discussed at … Continue reading

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Blistering speech about fracking at the climate march in #Manchester, Sun 21st September

Well, a little over half the speech…

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Friends of the Earth talk about fracking, at the #Manchester Climate March

On Sunday 21st September Jane Thomas of Friends of the Earth explained the whys and hows of anti-fracking activism. (Interview at the People’s Climate March). Jane is great. The lack of a tripod means the video’s nowhere near as good … Continue reading

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American comedian Jon Stewart on climate change march, “global wobbling” etc #hilarious

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