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Having to FoIA #Manchester Council for minutes of #environment meetings…

So, the Council has (had?) a thing called the Environmental Strategy Programme Board. It was supposed to be chaired by Howard Bernstein, but they dropped that fiction after about a year (to my recollection, he never attended a single meeting).  … Continue reading

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Job Alert: Media specialist for ‘Project Dirt’

From here. Are you a media specialist who can help us take our global campaign to the next level? Project Dirt is working with Unilever’s Dirt is Good team to run and develop Outdoor Classroom Day; a global campaign to … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council ignores successful carbon training scheme

Manchester City Council has been promising to get its 96 councillors carbon literate for years now. Never manages it of course. Check out this video of a councillor complaining in mid- 2014 about what an omnishambles the whole process was. … Continue reading

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Only 1 out of #Manchester City Council’s 10 ‘Strategic Managers’ is carbon literate

The Manchester Climate Change Action Plan of 2009 called for everyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester to have had a day’s ‘carbon literacy training’ by the end of… 2013. Manchester City Council promised to take a leadership role … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council tops the UK league! In PR staff… How many are carbon literate? #FOIA

Manchester City Council has 77 PR, communications and marketing positions.  That is the most of any council in the country.  So, I sent this Freedom of Information Act request five minutes ago. Dear Sir/Madam, I just read in that Manchester … Continue reading

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Brilliant Australian commentator on #climate (yes, a second one!)

From here: “there was a shitty boring battle for the future of the earth and the free market won.” – well, what a bunch of neoliberal ideologues wanted us to believe was  a ‘free’ ‘market’, but let’s not quibble with … Continue reading

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Futile letter trying to shame #Manchester City Council into #climate action

This letter got published in the Manchester Evening News on Saturday 14th  January. Why futile?  Because a) without a groundswell of people who are willing and able to apply sustained and diverse pressure, any bureaucracy will just shrug and say … Continue reading

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