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Prof Kevin Anderson on #climate, Cohen and what is to be done… #Manchester

Before you watch this footage of Professor Kevin Anderson (filmed in WonkyCam), please fill in this very short survey from Climate Emergency Manchester (1).  You can do it anonymously… Prof Kevin Anderson, of University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre was in … Continue reading

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Prof Kevin Anderson at Carbon Coop AGM #Manchester #climate

Professor Kevin Anderson (see January interview part 1, part 2 and part 3) speaking at the Carbon Coop AGM a couple of months ago. Carbon Co-op AGM 2015 – Kevin Anderson from Carbon Co-op on Vimeo. And here is the … Continue reading

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Video: Professor Kevin Anderson on fossil fuel subsidies, regime resistance and optimism

Second part of the recent interview with Professor Kevin Anderson, touching on (false) optimism, fossil fuel subsidies (IMF 5.3 trillion subsidies),  regime resistance and coping strategies. Lissa Johnson’s article about optimism. That Machiavelli quote – There is nothing more difficult … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on #Climate, #hope, 2 degrees and #Paris

Climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson spoke to Manchester Climate Monthly on Monday 23rd November.   In the two separate videos that follow, you can see him outlining what is at stake in the upcoming Paris climate conference – the nature of … Continue reading

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#Manchester professor – “UK shale gas industry incompatible with 2 degree #climate target”

Professor Kevin Anderson has written a detailed blog post about the implications of a UK shale gas industry for climate change. The post, based on analysis developed by Professor Anderson in collaboration with Dr John Broderick, is in response to … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on the “2 degrees” target #climate #Manchester

Professor Kevin Anderson answering a question on the “two degrees celsius” for global warming- what the goal/duty is, whether it is doable. Extremely clear (of course) and well worth sharing!! For background to the controversy, see Real Climate’s blog post … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on veganism and #climate, and gender balance on public panels

Prof Kevin Anderson of the Tydnall Centre (speaking in a personal capacity)

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Professor Kevin Anderson on climate change, the Paris meeting etc (video interview)

We need a low carbon culture (and we need you to help define it first). And part of a low carbon culture is going to be paying attention to the science – the amount of carbon dioxide we have been … Continue reading

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Video: Professor Kevin Anderson of #Manchester Tyndall on Typhoon Haiyan and direct #climate impacts in UK

See also this letter in Manchester Evening News yesterday. And this article!

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“Ways of seeing #climate change” event in#Manchester Weds 30th October

A range of new collaborative works between artists and scientists will be showcased at “Ways of Seeing: Climate Change.”  Spaces are limited for next Wednesday’s daytime series of talks, discussions and performances held in St. James’ Building. On of those … Continue reading

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