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Only 2 of Labour’s 32 #Manchester candidates answer ‘green’ survey

[Manchester Climate Monthly does not endorse any political party. Its editor never has been a member of any political party.] Only two of the Labour Party’s 32 candidates for the upcoming local elections have bothered to answer questions put to … Continue reading

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Friends of the Earth: “Support the people of Balcombe” #fracking #crazyspecies

This landed in our email inbox… You’ve probably seen the headlines. Fracking is big news as the picturesque village of Balcombe in West Sussex becomes the latest site for test drilling in the UK. Local residents are battling against the corporate … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Friends of the Earth Basecamp 2013, 12-14 July, Hartington

This comes through from Friends of the Earth… BASECAMP 2013 The Get-together for environmental activism 12-14 July, Hartington, Derbyshire BASECAMP is one of three events we’re running this year in place of our Annual Conference. This won’t be a top-down … Continue reading

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Event Report: “Transformational Economics” fringe event at Labour Party Conference

Attention Conservation Notice: detailed account of “Transformational Economics” fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference. Random observations, blow-by-blow account and some observations for how it it could have gone better. In the ornate (1) “Directors’ Lounge” at the Palace Hotel, … Continue reading

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Pre-election survey: Candidates ambivalent about the Airport

Manchester Friends of the Earth has conducted a survey about the environmental positions of candidates standing in the May 3rd local authority elections. You can read the results here – http://www.scribd.com/doc/91350632/2012-Local-Election-Report-MFoE One thing that leaps out on an initial skim … Continue reading

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Startling confession from Manchester Town Hall

The leader of Manchester City Council since before some MCFly readers were born, Richard Leese, has a blog, imaginatively titled “The Leader’s Blog.”(1) In the latest post, he mentions Heating in the old Town Hall is either on or off, … Continue reading

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