Job SQ004 – Post-mortem an edition of Manchester Climate Monthly

If you are interested in doing this job, please email us on, in case
a) it has already been done and we’ve forgotten to take it down
b) things have Changed and the job is now very different.
And please remember our terms and conditions – we don’t pay you, you don’t get expenses. You DO get to choose to be anonymous or not…

Date added: 3 January 2012
Situation: We are too close to our “product” to be able to see if it’s good/bad/ugly. How we going to get better if we just sit in our own little smugosphere?!
Mission: Write a brutally honest critique of a paper edition of MCFly
Execution: We’d give you some criteria
Administration: Sit down, read it. Show it your non-climate friends if you like, for their opinion
Command and Control: You da boss.

Autonomy: Total
Mastery: Seeing us foul up will make you realise what good quality is. Then – we hope – you’ll be inspired to do better yourself.
Purpose: Hoorah!!


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