Workshop on Moving

Run by Councillor Nigel Murphy and Vincent Walsh

If you went –
what went well?
what went poorly?
what was discussed?
what ideas struck you as useful
anything else you’d like to say.

Email, letting us know whether you want your name and/or email address used. If you do not specify, your comments will be published anonymously. Please keep it concise, non-libellous and crtical but constructively so.

“Moving workshop :Cllr Murphy invited us all to say how we were going to change things in the coming year. People couldn’t resist though asking more about what the Council was going to do about various issues: airport; bus re/de-regulation; recent death of child cyclist; our colelctive urge for consumption and economic growth etc. Some interest in pedestrianisation of Deansgate and changes to Princess Parkway”
Roger Bysouth


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