Citizens’ Climate Plan – jobs list

NB This is a draft list, and will change!  If you want more information, please contact

Disclaimer and pre-emptive apology

This project is going to be big and complex and we will get bits of it wrong. We may even waste some of your time and effort occasionally through bad planning. We will make every effort to ensure that we don’t, but it could happen and we apologise in advance.

However, if you meet other interested people, and you develop new skills and knowledge while doing it, then everyone is ahead of the game!!

As to whether a job is “simple or complex, quick or slow” – this depends on who you are, what you can already do, how fast you can work, how big a chunk of it you take on!

Job for individuals/groups of individuals Skills needed/you would learn “on the job” Simple or Complex, Quick or Slow* Further info/comments, including deadlines for it to be useful etc
Lobbying councillors to get them “on board” with climate change, the citizens’ plan and the like. Lobbying


Reporting back

Complex and Long  We will provide lobbying advice, talking points etc. And “training” if we can.
Doing surveys of your friends and neighbours Networking

Typing up

Simple, Long  We are devising a simple survey that shouldn’t take long. We will modify it based on the feedback you give us.
Researching what other GM authorities are doing Research

Collating information

Complex, long  There are 9 other local authorities. Each will have strengths and weaknesses…
Researching what other “Core Cities” are doing Research

Collating information

Complex, long  There are 7 other “core cities,” each with strengths and weaknesses…
Research what other comparable cities around the world are up to Research

Collating information

Complex, long ICLEI, etc
Design a (series of) public events to encourage participation, gain people’s perspectives Publicity

Meeting design

Complex, long  As well as going to other groups’ meetings, it might be a good idea to stage a couple of our own…
Make a list of meetings on other subjects where we could ask organisers for a set amount of time to gather opinions from the attendees. Networking  complex and quick/long  If you know of upcoming meetings where we can discuss the Citizens Climate Plan, let us know…
Make videos about the Citizens Climate Plan (with vox pops) Video-making complex and quick/long  A picture’s worth a thousand words…
Forward the fortnightly bulletins to likely allies Networking Simple and quick There will be fortnightly progress bulletins. It would be lovely to see these widely disseminated.
Reading the original “Climate Change Action Plan” and its “refresh” (cough cough) Research and Analysis Complex and long and frustrating and boring I know, I know, very exciting
Read Call to Real Action, pulling out ideas that have merit and should be revivified Research and Analysis  2009 is a LONG time ago…
Read the Climate Plans for 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-3 for things that have been quietly dropped and for “the silences” Research and Analysis Ideally this would be a task for a group of people!
Create/add to a list of groups we should be engaging with and asking the opinions of Networking Churches, mosques, trades unions, writing groups, sports groups, you name it…
Identify events at which the “Citizens Climate Plan” could have a presence Networking See aboveThis work needs to be done between August and December 2013
Retweet/repost the “top trumps” when they come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays Email, facebook, twitter Simple and quick
Come to the meetings of the Environmental Sustainability Sub-group in October and November Physical availability Simple and long Weds October 2nd and Weds November 6th…
Have discussions with other people about what they think the council could and should do with their own emissions and also what the council could do to make it easier for individuals and groups to cut their own emissions Network We are producing a simple survey that people can fill in online or in print format. This work needs to be done between August and December 2013
Proof-read draft one or two Proof-reading analysis In January or February 2014
Publicise the launch event Publicising March/April 2014

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