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Is Capitalism unsustainable? The jury’s out-ish. Is ego-fodderfication unsustainable? Sadly not/hell yes.

I don’t know how much rethinking economics is actually going on (I have my suspicions, but no hard data). I do have a good idea of how much rethinking politics/academia/civilsocietying is going on, and it’s not much at all/zero. The … Continue reading

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QUIZ: Can you stop #climate change with small lifestyle changes or should you fill your pockets with stones and walk into the river?

The Beaverton, a trusted Canadian news source, has a useful quiz about all the ecological modernisation tosh that you can hear about tomorrow night at some shop, versus, well, the Virginia Woolf Option. (h/t to Sam G!) Photo Credit You’ve … Continue reading

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Bristol is less rubbish than #Manchester at activism? Discuss…

Below find an interesting interview with a Bristol activist, originally published here, by an academic who has interviewed a whole bunch of activists (including me) about activism in Bristol and in Manchester. Fwiw, Manchester never really recovered from the loss … Continue reading

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Today’s (semi-) awful #climate event #2: the activists have their turn #Manchester

Sometimes the universe throws up (in every sense) a compare and contrast.  At lunchtime I went to an event where one of our lords and masters explained his plan for dealing with climate change.  It was, of course, dreadful.  Then, … Continue reading

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Letter to Mayor’s Green Summit organisers #Manchester #Climate

Dear x, The wait is finally over! I’ve been on tenterhooks for weeks about whether I’d get a ticket for the Mayor’s Green Summit on 21 March.  I am delighted to have received/dismayed to not have received a place. I’ve … Continue reading

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“Energy Democracy” “listening” event in #Manchester tonight re: Mayor’s Green Vomit. Sorry, “summit”

Tonight at Partisan Collective in Cheetham Hill there’s a two hour “listening event”, the results of which feed into a hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya “Summit” in March, which will produce another vapid statement of peace-love-and-understanding. Fun fact- wildlife numbers have dropped to less … Continue reading

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Activist Training in #Manchester 24-8 July. Deadline to apply 18th June!!

from here.  Looks good.  Please forward to any young folk (18-25) that you know… Applications open – Demand the Impossible, Manchester 2017 Demand the Impossible is a one-week course in Manchester from July 24th-28th. FREE, including lunch and travel, but places are … Continue reading

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