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The IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report and implications for #Manchester (aka “Eleven Theses on futility, backed up with footnotes (1)”)

Today the latest “we are all doomed” climate report comes out. It is the latest in a long long (see below) line of such reports.  Climate activists will want to believe that this, at last will “wake up” everyone, from … Continue reading

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What next for #climate action in #Manchester – never mind the ballots? #instapunditry #unsolicitedadvice #institutionalwork

TL:DR – it comes down to citizen action. It was always going to come down to citizen action, it will always come down to citizen action. Party politics is a) the shadow cast on society by big business (Dewey) and … Continue reading

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What next for #climate action? An interview/debate about Glasgow and beyond

This email interview below, conducted with Elidh Robb, a climate activist currently based in Brussels, takes a slightly different format from the usual ones. Elidh was sent the questions as a batch, and replied. I (Marc Hudson, editor of MCFly) … Continue reading

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After the election: Consequences and implications for #Manchester #climate policy

What can we know, what is to be done? Another hot-take, but specifically on Manchester climate action. With the usual disclaimers (1), there are a few things we can confidently say about the large Conservative/”Brexit” win (for what the Conservative … Continue reading

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After the #climateemergency declaration: What is to be done in #Manchester on#climate #oldfartclimateadvice

Repost from Climate Emergency Manchester.   Writing in a personalish capacity, Marc Hudson of Climate Emergency Manchester repeats himself. Again. So, great, we’ve got a “climate emergency” declaration in Manchester. Besides the strikers and the campaigners, this is thanks in part … Continue reading

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If you give a damn, you’ll lobby, and get your friends to lobby. #Manchester #ClimateEmergency

Manchester Climate Monthly has been publishing since October 2011.  It has been publicising events, running (blunt) event reports, using Freedom of Information Act requests to expose the yawning chasm between promise and delivery, between rhetoric and reality. \Before that, Manchester … Continue reading

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Saul Alinsky on sit-ins…

Saul Alinsky was a legendary community activist/organiser. If you haven’t read his “Rules for Radicals,” then stop browsing the goddam Internet and do so. This, from an interview he did in 1972, is worth your time. No matter how burning … Continue reading

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The proposed format of “What Next for Climate Action in Manchester?” Thurs 23 May – comments sought.

Next Thursday, 23rd May there’s an exciting and potentially extremely useful meeting in Manchester. Held at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St (behind the Central Library) it’s called “What Next for Climate Action in Manchester?” and will have five … Continue reading

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“One big union”? Co-ordinating, collaborating on #climate in #Manchester – 2008 document worth revisiting?

So, ten years ago there was a similar wave of environmental climate/activism.  This wave is different (for one thing, we have Fridays for Future, Youth Climate Strikers and David Attenborough).  However, some of the dynamics, and the questions about how … Continue reading

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A month from now – momentum, morale, recuperation (in the good sense!) in #Manchester

Was it really Friday the 14th of June, 2019.  Has it really only been two months since the Extinction Rebellion actions in London forced climate breakdown into the minds and mouths of those who would prefer to ignore it?  Two … Continue reading

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