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Opposing what? Proposing what? And. Who. Is. Going. TO. BELL. THE. BLOODY. CAT?? #Manchester #Climate

Two developments in Manchester over the last week have me hurling an unsolicited and unwelcome grenade from afar (well, three – a very kind message from a Mcr stalwart). Don’t read on if you are of a nervous disposition. As … Continue reading

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Grifters and lifters – or “yes, we’re doomed: what do you propose We. Do. Differently?”

Spending too much (i.e. any) time on Twitter. Am getting exceptionally and excitingly bored of natural scientists telling us how doomed we all because of how evil oil companies are, or how unaware the mass of the public are without … Continue reading

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Greens now have TWO councillors in #Manchester – what next? What ELSE needs doing?

First up – congratulations to the new Green Party councillor in Woodhouse Park, Astrid Johnson. You can read more about her and the election result on the Greens website. Second up – congratulations to the team around her. The sheer … Continue reading

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Twelve years ago in Punxatawney, Lancashire…

I am almost Gone From Manchester (more abt that soon). Doing a clear out, stumbled on this interview from the magazine of “Environmental Network for Manchester.” EN4M was funded by Manchester City Council, back when they still had money. It’s … Continue reading

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Just Stop Oil – anthropologically fascinating but politically terrifying

There’s a song by David Rovics with a lyric that has haunted me “What do you say to someone. Who’s just lost everything. Eventually things might be OK” It’s from a song called Tsunami, about the 2004 catastrophe in Aceh.   … Continue reading

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“If we don’t tend to our relationships with each other, this isn’t going to work” or DIGGERS!

tl:dr Almost 40 people were treated as ego-fodder by an organisation that is deader than it realises. Opportunities for connection and innovation were, of course, missed.  We’re toast Diggers? Diggers, alluding to Gerry Winstanley, is a retronym for “Deluded Inane … Continue reading

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Of Climate Emergency declarations, plans, DELIVERY and activism

tl:dr – why do activists with good intentions think that giving liars and greenwashers an open goal is lia good idea? The truth is, we the “climate community” have been terrible at our self-appointed jobs.  Climate change has been an … Continue reading

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Saying nothing to nobody – Manchester green groups comms catastrophe #Unsolicited Advice ‘#WinningFriends #Obnoxious

This blog post is going to look at the the public “communications” of three prominent climate/environmental groups in Manchester and say “WTAF”. If you’re familiar with MCFly none of this will be a surprise. If you’re not, you’ll be wondering … Continue reading

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Put down that amnesia wand, or we’ll all be dumb… #Manchester #climate #movementbuilding #failure

Reader(s) of a certain vintage and geographical persuasion will remember a 1987 Midnight Oil song “Put Down that Weapon” which implored “Put down that weapon or we’ll all be gone.” And a couple of lines later And it happens to … Continue reading

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Another pointless rally that could have helped “build the movement” but didn’t. #Manchester #climate #farce

It was my friend’s fault (1). She was the reason I even went to this god-awful event, which was even god-awfuller than I thought it would be. Several hundred people (four hundred? maybe five hundred?) gathered and were told things they … Continue reading

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