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A plethora of upcoming #Manchester #climate meetings/events

In chronological order Monday 21st January, at 5.30pm  Extinction Rebellion meeting at the Sandbar, Grosvenor St Tuesday 22nd you have a choice of a) Frack Free Greater Manchester AGM Join us to find out the latest news on the anti-fracking … Continue reading

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Hope, false hope, stupid hope and #climatechange: From Paris to Extinction (Rebellion)

Here’s the tl:dr – The Paris Agreement and Extinction Rebellion are two sides (or symptoms) of the same coin, i.e. the suspension of critical faculties by people who know better but are in desperate search of reasons to be hopeful … Continue reading

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Dear ‘new’ climate activist, unsolicited advice #oldfartclimateadvice

Following on from the posts about ‘FridaysforFuture’ on this site, I’ve written something from the perspective of a cynical, misanthropic, unpopular burnt out climate activist (it was a real stretch to put myself in that headspace). And would suggest that … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike. Threats and opportunities etc…

This morning bridges in London were occupied by thousands (or hundreds, if you read the BBC), of people concerned about well, the possible extinction of the human species from climate change.  It seems likely that we are entering a renewed … Continue reading

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Fridays on my mind. #climate #movements #unsolicitedadvice

So, the Greta Thunberg thing is continuing. Thunberg is the 15 year-old Swedish schoolgirl who, every Friday, is on ‘school strike’ for the totally incomprehensible reason that she thinks the “adults” have been screwing up the planet and show no … Continue reading

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Is Capitalism unsustainable? The jury’s out-ish. Is ego-fodderfication unsustainable? Sadly not/hell yes.

I don’t know how much rethinking economics is actually going on (I have my suspicions, but no hard data). I do have a good idea of how much rethinking politics/academia/civilsocietying is going on, and it’s not much at all/zero. The … Continue reading

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QUIZ: Can you stop #climate change with small lifestyle changes or should you fill your pockets with stones and walk into the river?

The Beaverton, a trusted Canadian news source, has a useful quiz about all the ecological modernisation tosh that you can hear about tomorrow night at some shop, versus, well, the Virginia Woolf Option. (h/t to Sam G!) Photo Credit You’ve … Continue reading

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