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Self-care advice for activists

From First Dog on the Moon.

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Event report: #Reclaim the hour #Manchester #ReclaimMCR

NB This post is nothing to do with/about the excellent “Reclaim” project On the plus side, this time there were chairs to sit on and decent speakers. On the downside, this time there was no wine to wash down the … Continue reading

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Constructive dissent or destructive consent? #howyoucansleep

How does any of us sleep? How do we sleep while the planet burns around us, while the chances for a tolerable old age for people now children (let alone unborn generations) a boiled away in a frenzy of apathy … Continue reading

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10 years of Manchester Climate Forum/Fortnightly/Monthly. Reflections on #futility, “lessons learned”

Today marks exactly 10 years since the first meeting of “Manchester Climate Forum”. It was held to help explain the implications of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Professor Kevin Anderson, who has since become … Continue reading

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The Seven Pillars of Awesome Activist Events The Seven Pillars of Awesome Activist Events You can also download this document as a printable PDF handout. I. Know your Aims What’s the point (what do you want to achieve)? Is it to raise awareness, explain something, get … Continue reading

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#Manchester, #Brexit and #climate change – what is to be done about this total hash?

Nobody knows what is going to happen.  Will “Article 50” even get invoked?  Will there be a second referendum, and if there were, would it actually go differently?  Will the Tories split? Will Labour?  Will Scotland leave?  So what comes … Continue reading

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If MCFly could vote, she’d vote “Remain”

However, the tartan-wearing insect is only a fly, so she can’t.  I (MCfly editor, Marc Hudson) can vote, and I voted Remain already Why?  Not because I love the neo-liberal EU.  A lot of what the Brexiters say of it is … Continue reading

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