Our transparency

We will tell you what our allegiances are.
Posts will be signed wherever possible.
If an author, anonymous or otherwise, is currently a member of a political party, a campaigning group or has competing interests, we will say so.

We will give right of reply if people/organisations feel we have misrepresented their actions. If it’s a long piece, we reserve the right to edit for the paper version, while web-publishing/linking to a full version.

We will correct errors of fact as soon as possible. While we will correct typographical and grammatical errors without acknowledgment, if there has been an error of fact or a clarification needed, we will flag this on the relevant web page.

We will publish monthly and annual financial accounts.

We will publish details of the editors’ own carbon footprints (flights, babies, car purchases etc)

We will publish the “post-mortems” of each issue of MCMonthly on our website, and we welcome constructive criticism of the publication.

We reserve the right not to publish our longer-term strategic documents and discussions.


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