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Event report: #Reclaim the hour #Manchester #ReclaimMCR

NB This post is nothing to do with/about the excellent “Reclaim” project On the plus side, this time there were chairs to sit on and decent speakers. On the downside, this time there was no wine to wash down the … Continue reading

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Post-truth politics, Trump, and #Manchester #climate nonsense

Everyone sneers at Donald Trump.  So crude, so wrong.  And yet all around us, here in Manchester are behaviours we tolerate and amplify that made him possible and that mimic him. What the hell am I talking about?  The wilful … Continue reading

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A new circle of hell: the latest farcical #Manchester #climate “plan”

They’ve innovated. And made things even worse. Was it possible? I didn’t think so. But the so-called Manchester Climate Change Agency (it’s not an agency, for important reasons that will become clear), managed to make the launch of its Climate … Continue reading

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Open Letter to ‘Steering Group’ boss on #Manchester #climate “plan”

Dear Gavin, next Monday night sees the launch of the Manchester “strategy” for climate change 2017-2050.  Of course, there already is a “plan” for the years 2010-2020, but since all of the commitments to that have long ago been broken, … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council refuses to disclose full cost of support for useless #climate group

Manchester City Council has refused to put a specific number on its financial support for the “Steering Group”. While it has given the group over £ 100k, the Council  has performed precisely zero cost-benefit analysis of what it is getting … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council spends over £100k on #climate group, asks no questions about effectiveness

Manchester City Council has spent well over one hundred thousand pounds propping up the “Manchester A Certain Future Steering Group”, but has not undertaken any cost-benefit analysis. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Council has stated … Continue reading

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#Manchester Steering Group, £100k, promises to overhaul website. Doesn’t.

Last July the the Manchester A Certain Future Steering Group*, which has received cash and seconded staff in excess of £100k from Manchester City Council,  published its annual report.  In that report they promised newsletters (a promise they broke). They … Continue reading

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