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An open letter to #Manchester #climate bosses – from 8 years ago. Nowt changes

For reasons which will become clear soon, I’ve been rooting around in old blog posts. Came across this, from back when I believed that even though the people in charge might be a bit slow and a bit defensive, they … Continue reading

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#Manchester annual emissions reduction target was 13.5%. Achievement? …. 2.5%

Manchester is missing its emissions reductions targets by an enormous margin. The latest report from the Manchester Climate Change “Agency” was released yesterday, at a two hour “conference.”  One of the authors of the report (full disclosure – Dr Joe … Continue reading

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Farcical #Climate “Agency” staggers on. A few questions… #Manchester

Tonight there is a two hour “conference” about climate change at the University of Manchester.  It’s by something that calls itself the Manchester Climate Change “Agency” which is actually not a statutory body, but a community interest company which has … Continue reading

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Mayor’s Green Summit? What kind of masochist do you think I am? #Manchester

There’s a great Tom Lehrer song called The Masochism Tango. It comes to mind when I think about going to any event “organised” by the so-very-talented people at Manchester Climate Change “Agency” (see here for a 2016 catastrophe, and here … Continue reading

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Event report: #Reclaim the hour #Manchester #ReclaimMCR

NB This post is nothing to do with/about the excellent “Reclaim” project On the plus side, this time there were chairs to sit on and decent speakers. On the downside, this time there was no wine to wash down the … Continue reading

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Post-truth politics, Trump, and #Manchester #climate nonsense

Everyone sneers at Donald Trump.  So crude, so wrong.  And yet all around us, here in Manchester are behaviours we tolerate and amplify that made him possible and that mimic him. What the hell am I talking about?  The wilful … Continue reading

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A new circle of hell: the latest farcical #Manchester #climate “plan”

They’ve innovated. And made things even worse. Was it possible? I didn’t think so. But the so-called Manchester Climate Change Agency (it’s not an agency, for important reasons that will become clear), managed to make the launch of its Climate … Continue reading

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