Interviews with Extinction Rebellion Manchester people

So, there is going to be a bunch of interviews with Extinction Rebellion Manchester people, on the following questions –

1. Who are you, why did you get involved, what have you done in Mcr and in London
2. How can XR be more inclusive, address legitimate race/class concerns
3. What skills, knowledge, relationships do you think XR ppl need to cultivate in the short term?
4. Given that intense activity is unsustainable (emotionally, physically, practically), how does XR Mcr plan to sustain radical action over the summer?
5. What can so-called “non-arrestable” people do?
6. How does XR plan to cope with the “Tyranny of Structurelessness” identified by Jo Freeman?
7. Anything else you’d like to say. Ppl can skip qs, and I won’t edit answers (unless there is libel etc).
If you want to read an incredible (non-XR) interview, this.  A gazillion times, this.

These are the ones that are up (page updated 22 April 2019).

Interview 01  Caz

Interview 02 Paul Harnett

Interview 03 Zoe


[Manchester Climate Monthly, running since 2011 and preceded by Manchester Climate Fortnightly (2008-2010) is an independent news source, not affiliated to any political party or particular pressure group. The editor has recently co-founded Climate Emergency Manchester, a campaign to connect concerned citizens and get 4000 signatures on a petition calling on Manchester City Council to declare a climate emergency. Anyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester can sign that petition, and get involved in the campaign at whatever level they wish, learning new skills and making new friends.]