MCFly is, as a “service to the movement” going to re-up efforts to include a comprehensive listing of events happening in Manchester (and Trafford, Stockport and Salford can have honorary status if they ask nicely) that are specifically climate/environment.  At the end of every month we will make a post about the coming months events.  If you have events you want publicised please send them in the following format.

Date and time Saturday 1st June, 10am – 4pm.
Title of event “Smash Climate Change.”
Venue: Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square.
Organised by: People’s Judean Climate Front

Send to and we will (probably) put it in the calendar.

No guarantee of completeness. Events may be cancelled by the organisers without informing us. Unless otherwise indicated, events are NOT organised by the McMonthly crew.
Presence in the calendar is not an endorsement of quality (see footnote)

Regular events include

  • Every Monday (until further notice) – Extinction Rebellion meetings at the Breadshed, opposite the side entrance of Sandbar, Grosvenor St. 6pm start
  • Every Friday – Fridays for the Future protests in St Peter’s Square

See also the calendar on Friends of the Earth’s website








To contextualise the comments below – this post had a sentence – “Sadly, there are some really crap groups putting on really crap events. Just because one is crap doesn’t mean you should quit altogether…” at the bottom. Which I’ve removed


6 Responses to Calendar

  1. Mark says:

    Well that’s constructive comment on local comrades.

    • Thanks so much for commenting. Are you saying that all the groups with “climate” or “green” or whatever in their name always run wonderful events?
      Are you saying that there should not be a basic expectation of punctuality, focus, prevention-of-the-usual-suspects-mouthing-off-for-ages-and-alienating-potential-new-activists?
      Are you saying that the “feelings” of “comrades” are more important than growing a movement?
      Maybe you would like to clarify what you are trying to say? Or maybe you just like sniping?

  2. Mark says:

    Isn’t it sufficient to say “Presence in the calendar is not an endorsement of quality.” and leave it at that?

  3. I realise that I haven’t answered your question. I hate it when direct questions are asked and not answered (it’s one of the things that makes dealing with Councils and Steering Groups so downright exhausting). So; no, it is not sufficient, in my “humble” (cough cough) opinion. Why? Because “newbies” need to know the truth – that they risk boredom and discouragement by attending some of these meetings. And – it is my hope, but I can’t prove it – if they know this before they go, they are perhaps capable of contextualising their experience, and saying instead of “I clearly am not smart enough/determined enough to become an ‘activist’, since I fell asleep/got frustrated during that horrorshow”, they say “wow, that was clearly a bunch of dysfunctional muppets; I need to find a better group if I am going to fulfil my obligations as a citizen.”
    Oddly, the disclaimer that exercises you had only appeared on the actual calendar page itself, not on the monthly pages which are currently more to your liking. We may change that, so thanks for bringing the whole topic.
    Marc Hudson

  4. Mark says:

    OK, we just see this differently. I fear ‘crap groups’, ‘crap events’ translates (for me) as ‘crap people’ – and this explains my original rather irritated reaction. I don’t particularly disagree with the analysis you present above – but I do think the expressive style can get in the way, sounding more ‘tabloid’ than ‘serious’. And that’s a shame – there is plenty of good stuff here – like the write up of the nuclear event.

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