#Manchester #climate Steering Group questions, if you can be bothered a) going and b) staying awake

Tonight the ‘Steering’ ‘Group’ (of what??) for the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan holds its annual general meeting.  Which is happening instead of the stakeholder conference (with elections) that it is SUPPOSED to be holding.  It will have a keynote speech by the new Friends of the Earth chair, for reasons that basically escape me.  Couldn’t they find someone who had done something worthwhile in Manchester to give the keynote?  Or are they afraid nobody would come to that….

Anyway, someone who is going asked me what questions I might ask.  They’re not going to ask any of the questions, for reasons of their own.  If you are masochistic enough to go, maybe you might?


The MACF plan calls for the involvement of the population in the creation of a low carbon culture (goal 2). What has the Steering Group done in the last year to define a low carbon culture?

What has Steering Group done in the last year to involve the general population in creating of a low carbon culture?

The MACF plan called for 1000 organisations to endorse the plan and come up with their implementation plans
What has the Steering Group in the last year to get those endorsements, and to help organisations make implementation plans?

The MACF plan called for an annual stakeholder conference at which the Steering Group would be elected and re-elected

Why did the Steering Group unilaterally abolish the stakeholder conference and replace it with an AGM?  Why did the Steering Group never hold elections?  Where is its legitimacy?  Down the back of the sofa?

Manchester City Council said it would have 60 of its 96 councillors ‘carbon literate’ by the end of 2014. Does the Steering Group think that the actual amount achieved- 23 – is an acceptable example to set?  If yes, how do they justify that. If not, what the HELL did they do about it?

In March 2014, in response to public pressure, the Executive Member for the Environment promised to start a blog.  She never did.  Does the Steering Group think this is a good example to set? Have they ever raised the issue with her?

The Steering Group stated it would start holding four public events a year.  That’s a really low number.  In 2014 they managed … 3.  This year, the AGM is the first*   How do you people sleep?

Meanwhile,  Manchester Green Party (am not a member, never was) is holding a meeting next week.

Manchester Green Party is devoting their monthly Open (to all-comers!) meeting on July 14th. 7pm-9pm at the Methodist central hall, Oldham Street, Manchester to climate change and Manchester’s response to it.

They are hoping to get some speakers from different organisations to address one or more of the elements of Manchester – A Certain Future: buildings; energy; transport; sustainable consumption and production; and green and blue infrastructure.

The meeting will also include an open Q and A/discussion session.

* there was a love-in at MMU a while back. That doesn’t count.

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Upcoming Event: ESD forum “On Trees and Activism” 16th July

You are invited to the next GM ESD Forum and MEEN’s AGM on Thursday 16th July 2015, 3.30 – 6pm at Madlab, 36 – 40 Dale Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1HN.

‘On Trees and Activism’

This forum, focusing on Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathi and her inspirational Green Belt Movement, will help us consider our collective activist skills and how best we can share them with young people. We will have input from a variety of Greater Manchester’s tree loving organisations and a variety of great activists!

We welcome everyone to come and network, share some food and hear a little about MEEN’s work during 2014 – 2015. Also if you are interested in becoming a MEEN trustee please send an email requesting an nomination form.

If you would like to join us please contact coordinator@meen.org.uk or call Raichael on 07505172335.

All the best


MEEN Coordinator

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Firewood sale in #Manchester (Tree Station)

Firewood sale – 10% off all firewood!
Buy a cubic metre of partially seasoned local hardwood firewood now and it will be ready to burn by the time the cold weather returns. At the sale price a cubic metre (approximately 320kg) is just £94.50 including delivery – saving you £25.50 compared to a kilned cubic metre delivered to you in winter. Got nowhere to store it? Why not order one of our log sheds – for £140 with free delivery (within M60) thrown in as part of this special offer. This is for a standard size and stores one cubic metre of logs, but we can make them to fit your required dimensions – please call 0161 2313333 to discuss. Made in our yard from locally sourced materials.

(Manchester Climate Monthly neither requested nor received any payment for this “advert” blog post. I put it up because Tree Station is a dead good outfit, and to show that I don’t bear the *&$%ers any grudge for not short-listing me for a job last year…. ;)

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“Procuring renewable energy in South Africa: a new frontier?” seminar in #Manchester Thurs 25th June

Procuring renewable energy in South Africa: a new frontier?

Dr. Lucy Baker, Research Associate, University of Sussex

Thursday 25th June (room C1, George Begg Building, Sackville Street) at 2.00pm.

In the last three years carbon-intensive, coal-dependent South Africa has become one of the leading destinations for renewable energy investment. This can largely be attributed to the take off of the country’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers’ Programme (RE IPPPP), launched in August 2011. Since then a privately-generated, utility-scale, renewable energy sector is being integrated into an electricity network that has historically been dependent on the country’s abundant coal resources and dominated by state-owned utility, Eskom. RE IPPPP is the first renewable electricity initiative to have gained traction at the national level in South Africa. Yet a number of concerns have since arisen including: the extent to which the financial returns will benefit or leave the country; the fact that the ownership of the industry is rapidly becoming the domain of large international utilities; the nature of the programme’s economic and community benefits in a country with gross socio-economic inequality along racial divisions; and whether it will create a long-term local manufacturing and service industry.

What then are the challenges and trends that are emerging from RE IPPPP? Who stands to gain and lose from this programme and how might the industry develop in the medium-to-long term? What will the economic and social impacts of RE IPPPP be in light of South Africa’s high levels of inequality and unemployment? This seminar will evaluate key features of RE IPPPP, unpack the different levels of the programme and the diversity of players involved in it. I will further discuss key tensions inherent in RE IPPPP between commercial priorities for ‘bankability’, and the requirements for economic development and community ownership.

The seminar will take place in room C1, in the George Begg Building on Sackville Street- number 17 on the campus map- http://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/maps/interactive-map/?id=14

Please RSVP, or contact Amrita with any queries- tyndall@manchester.ac.uk

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Professor Clive Hamilton on the Anthropocene – interview in #Manchester

[cross-posted from marchhudson.net]
Interview with Professor Clive Hamilton on the “Anthropocene“, in the startlingly noisy cafe at the John Rylands Library (the first few minutes are the worst – it gets easier to hear as time goes on).

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Upcoming Event in #Manchester – “The Anthropocene and the Rupture of #Climate Change” 5th June

On Friday 5th June at 4pm there will be a VERY interesting talk on climate change hosted by University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre. It will be given by Professor Clive Hamilton, of Charles Stuart University, Australia.

Hamilton has written on Australian Climate Policy (“Running from the Storm”, 2001 and “Scorcher“, 2007) and also on the psychology behind soft and ‘hard’ denial (“Requiem       for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate  Change”).  More recently he has been focusing on the “Anthropocene“, the new era of history brought about by humanity’s increasing impact on the planet’s ecosystems.

It’s free, there’s no need to book, and it promises to be extremely interesting. I’ll be the guy at the front clutching my heavily annotated copies of “Running” and “Scorcher”,  wanting to getting them signed like a fanboy….

Clive Hamilton Tyndall Seminar

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#Manchester #Climate workshop on Thurs 4th June

Climate Change Workshop

If you are planning on coming along to the climate change mass lobby of Parliament on 17 June then you may be interested in this Climate Coalition event with Professor Peter Scott and others on Thursday 4 June at 6.30pm at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Why we need to act on climate change
The Road to Paris (what we are asking for)
Mass lobby in London 17th June (everything you need to know about the day)
How to lobby your MP (tips and tricks on how to get your climate message across) 

If you are coming please register here https://fortheloveof.eventbrite.co.uk

The Climate Coalition are organising coaches to London on 17 June from cities across the UK – to find out more and book a seat at a subsidised price go here: http://fortheloveof.org.uk/getting-there/

[Interesting agenda. Nothing on “what do we do to create a local movement that grows, learns, organises and wins, and doesn’t repeat the same miserable mistakes of the last decade?” Or “how do we find out what skills and knowledge and skill/knowledge gaps are in the room, to inspire people to stay involved and bring their friends next time, instead of being lobby fodder?”  No, that would be far too sensible and radical.  Apparently all real politics happens in London. Or Paris. Or wherever the circus next touches down.  Ho hum.]

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