#Manchester MPs vote for Heathrow Expansion

Any time anyone tells you that Labour takes climate change seriously – at a Manchester, Greater Manchester or National level, you are entitled to ROFLYAO.

Show them this too

lucy powell on heathrow

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Upcoming Event: “The Clearing” 26 June, #Manchester # climate

The Clearing
What kind of world might be coming over the horizon, and what will it be like to live in it?

Programmed as part of Castlefield Gallery’s CG Associates series of monthly events, for our June session Tom James and Alex Hartley join us to talk about their collaborative artwork The Clearing http://www.the-clearing.info – how it worked, the community that grew up around it and what they learnt from it.

The Clearing was a vision of the future in the grounds of Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park, from March to December 2017. Part school, part shelter and part folly, the project set out to build an evolving encampment where people could learn how to live in the collapsing world that’s coming our way. In the middle of The Clearing, a geodesic dome housed a series of workshops to teach people the skills we’ll need once the sea levels rise and the global economy collapses. Outside of these workshops a series of caretakers occupied the dome, to chop wood, feed the chickens, and keep the vision alive.

Was it serious? Did they mean it? Was it happy? Was it sad? Join us and find out.

Alex Hartley’s work explores our understanding of utopian ideologies. His early work focused on the white cube of the gallery space; testing the parameters of art’s containers. This has expanded to explore iconic modernist architectural forms, as the work considers buildings as social experiments manifested in both the built and natural environments.

Tom James creates DIY projects and publications that aim to change how people think about the structures and ideas that surround them. Over the last four years, Tom has mainly been making work about the bitter, barren world we’re creating for our children. His ‘A Future Manual’ is a DIY guide to surviving in a future ravaged by climate change, produced on off-grid, obsolete technology. Issues include ‘Build a Fire’ and ‘Catch a Rabbit’, with ‘Keep The Lights On’ out later this year, from all good retailers.

Tom is also part of Spacemakers, a utopian regeneration agency based in Brighton, who aim to get inside the machinery of regeneration, and use it for good instead of evil.

Free to CG Associates members: £6.95 to non CG Associates members. Book at https://cgajune_tomjamesandalexhartley.eventbrite.co.uk
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Activists to Mayor: “Blame the real polluters!” #CleanAirDay

Thursday is so-called “Clean Air Day” in Greater Manchester. The Breathe Clean Air Group, which has been trying to educated politicians and stop the more egregious stupidities, is underwhelmed. They’ve sent out a press release (see below) and this open letter to the Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham.

Hello Andy,

Congratulation on organising the second GREATER MANCHESTER CLEAN AIR
DAY. It’s great to see the school children involved and getting them
committed to the policy that clean air is good for their healthy growth.

However, just like last year’s event, you are focussing on vehicle fumes
(which admittedly are bad and getting worse), which puts the blame, on
US, the car users, (who are the people who voted for YOU).

You may recall my email to you at last year’s event when I said that you
appear to have no appreciation of air pollution (especially Particulate
Matter and toxic organic chemicals) from Industrial Processes,
Incineration, Power Generation, Fracking and Wood-burning appliances.

No doubt you have read my previous email today about the levels of PM2.5
air pollution at Eccles air monitoring station. There was a dramatic
increase in PM2.5 particulate matter at 3 am this morning. That is NOT
coming from road users.

So please, Andy, stop blaming the motorist and start to put the bite on
Industrial polluters.

Many thanks and Best Wishes Pete Kilvert, Chairman, Breathe Clean Air


And that Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: MONDAY 11th JUNE 2018 (For immediate release)
From: The BREATHE CLEAN AIR GROUP (0161 748 3123)
Trafford’s Breathe Clean Air Group welcomes Greater Manchester Clean Air Day, but says that its aims are too limited.
The Clean Air Day, to be held on Thursday 21st June, is only focussing on traffic air pollution and not airborne chemical pollution and Particulate Matter from Industrial processes.
“It’s fine to ask the public to leave their car at home for one day per week, car-sharing where possible, working from home, and walking and cycling more,” said Pete Kilvert, Chairman of the Breathe Clean Air Group, “but it doesn’t tackle the pollution from Industrial processes, Incineration, Power generation, Fracking and Wood-burning appliances.”
BCAG has written to Andy Burnham, GM Mayor, to draw his attention to the short-comings of the Clean Air Day. The group has also told the Mayor that to only focus on vehicles puts the blame for air pollution on the very people who elected him to office, whereas the real polluters go Scot free.
There is also alarm about PM2.5 particulate matter that is measured at the Eccles Air Pollution Monitoring Station. PM2.5 is extremely hazardous to health as it gets breathed into the lungs and can cross the barrier into the bloodstream. These particles go straight to the heart and then to other organs. There is a UK limit of 25 micrograms per cubic centimetre. The Eccles monitoring station for the 24 hours on Saturday 9th June and Sunday 10th June show PM 2.5 levels of 11 to 15 between 8 am and 11 pm, then it starts to climb at midnight to 21 and by 3 am it’s 36 and back to 29 at 7 am. This indicates that traffic is not the source of the dangerous PM 2.5s.
The Breathe Clean Air Group has been campaigning to stop the construction of a biomass incinerator and power plant at Davyhulme. “Biomass burning is one of the greatest sources of PM 2.5. Particulate Matter,” said Mr Kilvert. “The Davyhulme plant also plans to burn contaminated wood from construction and demolition sites and other waste which creates chemical air pollution as well. We are also concerned about the rise in popularity of domestic wood-burning stoves, where local residents are polluting their children and their neighbours,” added Mr Kilvert.
In the publicity for GM Clean Air Day, Andy Burnham says “It’s not an exaggeration to say that poor air quality is one of the biggest and deadliest challenges of the modern age.” The Breathe Clean Air Group is asking the GM Mayor to look beyond traffic pollution, identify the real polluters, get it controlled and prevent new industrial polluters from setting up business in Greater Manchester.

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Repair Cafe Roadshow. #Manchester #Moston #Cheetham Hill 9 June

Please forward on to anyone who would be interested!


Start a Repair Café in your neighbourhood!

Do you have broken items cluttering up your home?  Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere you could go to get them fixed?

Well, why not start a Repair Café in your community? These FREE workshops in Manchester will show you how…

A Repair Café is a free community event where people get together to mend broken household items – anything from laptops, to bikes to clothing. Run by volunteers, it aims to reduce waste but also to pass on important skills and provide a space for people to get to know their neighbours. The Repair Café movement is growing. It began in the Netherlands in 2009 and there are now 1,500 Repair Café worldwide.

Stitched Up are the team behind Manchester Repair Café – the first for our city! Now they want to help others set up local Repair Cafés to spread the repair revolution across the Greater Manchester region.

On Saturday 9th June, Stitched Up are hosting two FREE workshops to show you how to set up a Repair Café in your area. The workshops will include a presentation and Q&A with the team behind Manchester Repair Café.This will be followed by a hands-on skill share with bike and electricals repairers, who will show you how to make some of the most common repairs.

The workshops will take place on Saturday 9th June in two different venues:
10.30 – 12.30pm at Moston Miners Community Centre, Moston M40 0DJ

3.00 – 5.00 pm at Cheetham Hill Welcome Center, Cheetham Hill M8 0TW

Tickets are free and open to all, but please RSVP online to secure your place:


If you’d like to know more about the workshops, you can contact the team at Stitched Up on 0161 881 7141 or hello@stitchedup.coop.

These workshops have been made possible by a grant from the Postcode Local Trust www.postcodelocaltrust.org.uk

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Anti-Fracking Solidarity: From Latin America to the UK #Manchester, 19 May.

2018 05 21 fracking.PNGManchester, Saturday 19 May
Anti-Fracking Solidarity: From Latin America to the UK

When: 2pm-4pm, followed by social

Where: Manchester Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS

–Come to connect the resistance to extreme fossil fuels between UK, Argentina and Colombia. Hear the stories of resistance first-hand and discuss how to offer practical solidarity.—

Fernando Cabrera, Observatorio Petrolero Sur, Argentina
Fabian Laverde, COSPACC, Colombia
Helena Coates, Frack Free Greater Manchester

Co-hosts: Platform, War on Want, Argentina Solidarity Campaign, Manchester Friends of the Earth, Fossil Free Greater Manchester and Frack Free Greater Manchester

Register for your free place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/anti-fracking-solidarity-from-latin-america-to-the-uk-tickets-45511182171

Invite your Facebook friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/1628588330570223/

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Training for protest at BP’s AGM in #Manchester: Tues 15 May

On May 21 BP is – for the first time ever – holding its AGM outside London.  They’re coming to Manchester.

There will be a protest.  There is training for that on offer.  Register via here. (Blurb below copied and pasted from there)



Imagine being in a room with Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP. What would you ask him?

BP’s annual general meeting (AGM) with its shareholders will be in Manchester on 21 May. ShareAction and a cohort of AGM activists will be in that meeting, asking carefully crafted questions that challenge BP’s business as usual approach to drilling for oil around our planet.

Would you like to be one of the AGM activists at the BP AGM?

Join us on 15 May to get skilled up in AGM activism and tell BP that they can’t go on drilling for oil in the years to come – it’s time to move on or be left behind.

Please register on this page if you are coming.

AGM activism is a tactic that has helped secure huge wins. Together, AGM activists have convinced more than one third of FTSE 100 companies to accredit as real Living Wage employers and supported major electricity users like Tesco to shift to 100% renewable electricity.

We’ve even used AGM activism to influence BP in 2016. Together, dozens of AGM activists and the investors that backed them stopped BP’s plans to drill off the southern coast of Australia in order to protect the diverse and vulnerable ecosystem in the Great Australian Bight. And, together, we won that one.

Now we need to influence them again.

We need to have an impact on BP’s current business model, it is incompatible with a future where our climate is safe. The human impact of their operations of immense. Together, AGM activists will be in the room to challenge that business model.

Any questions email michael.kind@shareaction.org, or call Michael on 020 3475 7874.


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Upcoming event: Unsustainable fossil fuel use 1950-2018. #Manchester #climate

Free event, no need to book.  Tyndall Manchester asking the right questions again…


2018 05 how come to this.PNGHow did it come to this? Unsustainable global fossil fuel use in historical perspective, 1950-2018

Simon Pirani, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

The global level of fossil fuel consumption continues to rise, despite ever-more-insistent claims that we are moving to a post-fossil-fuel era. The presentation will put this in historical perspective, focusing on the accelerated consumption growth from the mid-20th century onwards. The post-war boom, the 1970s oil price shocks and processes associated with economic globalisation all played their part. Policy failed on a grand historical scale: it did not curb consumption growth even after the global warming effect was discovered in the 1980s. An interpretation of this history will be suggested, emphasising that fossil fuels are consumed by and through social, economic and technological systems. The implications of this history for present day dilemmas will be considered


Speaker bio

Simon Pirani is Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. He is author of Burning Up: a global history of fossil fuel consumption, to be published by Pluto Press in August 2018. Over the last 12 years he has published widely on energy in former Soviet countries. He was editor of Russian and CIS Gas Markets and Their Impact on Europe (Oxford University Press, 2009) and co-editor with James Henderson of The Russian Gas Matrix: how markets are driving change (Oxford University Press, 2014).


The seminar will take place in room C21, in the Pariser Building on Sackville Street– number 12 on the map herehttp://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/maps/interactive-map/?id=9

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