#Manchester “Clean Air” Day, 15th June. BCAG statement

Manchester has awful air quality, in breach of European Union regulations.  Fortunately we are solving this problem by… leaving the European Union (#takebackcontrol).

So, this Thursday is “Clean Air Day”   . This event is happening.

MCFly has received the following press release from the estimable Breathe Clean Air Group, which has been campaigning vigorously for years.


The Breathe Clean Air Group welcomes Greater Manchester Clean Air Day. Although this event focusses on traffic air-pollution the group has appealed to the organisers and GM Mayor Andy Burnham not to forget air pollution caused by industry, power generation and domestic wood burning stoves.
“Air pollution from traffic exhausts is mainly nitrogen dioxide, which is an irritant and toxic gas, and affects the development of children’s lungs” said Pete Kilvert, Chairman of BCAG. “This is bad enough, but air pollution from industry, power generation and wood burning can contain heavy metals, other more toxin chemicals and Particulate Matter. The Particulate Matter, especially from burning biomass and from domestic wood-burning stoves, can get deep into the lungs, then transfers into the bloodstream and can lodge in the body’s organs, including the brain. This can cause heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Recent research has also linked Particulate Matter air pollution to Alzheimer’s disease and autism.”
The Breathe Clean Air Group has been campaigning for nearly seven years to stop the construction of the Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Davyhulme. “This is in fact an Incinerator which will burn the Peel Group’s waste wood and plastics and dump it into the air that we breathe” added Pete Kilvert. “Its poor technology, outdated filtration system and under-sized chimney stack will spread its pollution throughout the county and will create massive ill-health impacts. It will operate 24/7 for the next 25 years or more.”
The Group is also concerned that Davyhulme has been designated air pollution capitol of Greater Manchester with continuing offensive odours from Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Facility, planning permission granted for huge storage tanks of toxic chemicals, coalbed methane fracking and the nearby Port Salford facility.
“It’s time that Greater Manchester and Trafford Council recognise the dangers of air pollution from industry, power generation and domestic wood burning and do something to reduce it,” added Mr Kilvert.

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Training on Class and Social Movements: Devon, 3-6 August escaping the #smugosphere

Class matters. It really really matters. If environmental social movement organisations continue to ignore it, continue to not understand all the hidden injuries of class and do something about them, they will continue to condemn themselves to irrelevancy.

So, what is to be done? Well, there is some training on offer. I suspect it will be quite good. If anyone from Manchester goes, it would be GREAT to have a follow-up from them, either as an interview with MCFly, or else a meeting with people who give a damn.

Details here

Do you want to strengthen your workshop facilitation skills? Do you want to help social change groups and mission-driven NGOs deal more skillfully with social class and classism in their own organisations, in their members’ lives and in the wider society?

If so, Exploring Class may be for you.

Our lead trainer is Betsy Leondar-Wright, one of the co-founders of Class Action in the US. She has facilitated over 100 class and classism workshops since the 1980s, including three weekend Class Action Trainings of Trainers.

We have two UK co-facilitators who will be helping to adapt US tools to the UK class system:

Oluwafemi Hughes is a highly-experienced equality and diversity facilitator from a working-class background.Milan Rai is an activist and trainer from a professional-middle-class background.

This Training of Trainers is intended for class-aware people who are ready for an advanced workshop because of their experience in raising others’ awareness, whether by leading workshops or community dialogues on other oppression issues, by teaching about economic inequality, by doing educational work in the context of workplace or community organising, or in some other consciousness-raising setting.

If you have experienced marginalisation due to your class, race, gender, religion, nationality or immigrant status, disability, age or other identity, you are enthusiastically invited to apply. Diversity is our strength.

Space is limited, so not everyone who applies will be able to attend.

Fees (£60-£220 for individuals) cover food, accommodation, handouts and training.

Please contact Peace News if you are employed by an NGO and would like to attend.

Scholarships are available.

Location & timings

Step-free-access residential space near Tiverton in Devon. 7pm on Thursday 3 August till 4pm on Sunday 6 August.

Because of our experiential approach, it is not possible to come late, leave early, or break in the middle of the workshop.

How to apply

Please read the full information on the PN website and then fill in the application form linked there. Please do apply as soon as you can – the final closing date for applications is 30 June.

– More info from Milan Rai on 07980 748 555 or via skillingup AT peacenews.info. Please read the full info on the PN website before contacting him!


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Corbyn, #Manchester City Council and #climate change – what next?

corbynWho knew?  Some of us hoped for a hung parliament, but how many of actually believed it could happen?  We misunderestimated the young – they actually came out to vote.  Massive kudos to all those who encouraged that, who went canvassing in the Bury constituencies.*

It’s very hard to know what will happen next.  [“Thoughts on what next #2ndGE2017]

But this much seems clear to me.

a) Regardless of whether there is another General Election before May next year, thanks to the Corbyn effect, it is going to be even more difficult for “minor parties” (i.e. the Lib Dems and Greens) to get seats on Manchester City Council at the May 2018  “all-out” local elections.  (A recap – Manchester City Council has 32 wards, with 3 councillors per ward. Councillors serve for a four year term.  There are rolling elections, so usually 32 councillors are up for re-election each year, with one year ‘fallow’.  Because Manchester’s population has grown so much, the electoral boundaries are being redrawn.  Next May there will be an ‘all-out’ election where all 96 seats are up for grabs.  The candidate who gets the most votes will have a four year term. The second will have to stand for re-election in two years, and the one who comes third will be up for re-election in 2019.  Therefore, while there MIGHT be a few Lib Dems and even theoretically some Greens who are elected in 2018 (though I think there will be fewer than there otherwise might have been, since people will assume – wrongly – that in voting for Leese’s lot they are somehow supporting Corbyn’s agenda) – , they are likely going to be crushed in 2019.  And we will return to what we have had for ages – the drastically unhealthy situation of a one-party state (currently Labour have 95 of the 96 councillors).

b) Manchester Labour will manage the tensions with whatever government is in control in London, as it has done so well for the past 25 years or so.   These guys are survivors.

c) The environmental groups will continue to fail at building the actual infrastructure of resistance and monitoring.  They will continue to hold exclusionary meetings with bad formats, they will continue to be part of the emotacycle.    Canvassing is one thing, and it’s great that people are doing it. But if/when Corbyn gets in, there will be bureaucratic backsliding, compromises and all the rest of it.  We need to be preparing for that NOW, learning how to counteract the techniques of the bureaucrats and the elected members who blithely promise and never deliver.  That work is less of a buzz than en-masse canvassing. It’s a long slow depressing grind.  I totally understand why people don’t want to do it.  But if it isn’t done, you end up where we are now…

d) In the absence of infrastructure of monitory democracy, there will be periodic spasms where promises are made, exhortations “we all have to do our bit”. The next one will be the Mayor’s Environmental Summit (I’ve still not received my invite).  And these will add up to nothing.

Meanwhile, there are moves around ‘radical municipalism’.  As per the last blog post on this site, there is a “Steady State Manchester” meeting about the elections on Weds 14th June.

June:  Let’s talk about the elections!

Wednesday 14th June 6.30-8pm
Lounge at Manchester Methodist Hall
Central Buildings, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ

Also, this morning “Plan C” posted a promise of, well, read for yourself


  • Manchester Climate Monthly is not in anyway affiliated to any party. Editor not a member, blah blah blah.


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Upcoming event: #Manchester “let’s talk about the elections” 14 June

From Steady State Manchester

June:  Let’s talk about the elections!

Wednesday 14th June 6.30-8pm
Lounge at Manchester Methodist Hall
Central Buildings, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ

We’ve now had both the Greater Manchester Mayoral election and the General Election. Together these define a new context for our work towards a more Viable Economy in Greater Manchester. So what are the opportunities and risks of the new situation.

In both cases there has been some move away from the formerly dominant models of how to develop and manage the economy and the spaces we live and work in. There is a renewed emphasis on social justice and fairness and those who did best in the elections were critical of much of standard policy formulae of the last 35 years. But in both cases there is still an emphasis on so called “economic growth” and a technological optimism about the serious challenges facing, not just people in Greater Manchester and the UK, but humanity in general.

Steady State Manchester is not a party political organisation. Our collective has members of the Labour, Green and Women’s Equality Parties, as well as unaffiliated people. Many of us, party members or not, took part in campaigning and in hustings events and we do share what is (perhaps unhelpfully) called a “progressive” outlook. But we share an understanding that continued expansion of the “economy” will not deliver social and economic justice, and worse, that it means a suicidal race to economic and environmental catastrophe.

So join us on Wednesday 14th June for an open discussion to explore what the new context means for us and how we can both use the opportunities and minimise the threats involved.
Wednesday 14th June 6.30-8pm
Lounge at Manchester Methodist Hall
Central Buildings, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ

No need to book.

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Job Alert: Political organiser for Red Pepper


Political Organiser
Three days per week, £25,750 per annum pro rata

Could you help Red Pepper thrive at a time of great challenges for the left? We’re looking for a motivated and innovative activist with a knack for spotting opportunities and a commitment to independent leftwing media.

Red Pepper is a radical media project built around a bimonthly print magazine. Established in 1994 as an accessible, independent publication with socialist, feminist and ecological politics, we seek to provide a space for reflection, debate and education for the left and social movements. We’re also a resource for campaigning, both as a platform and as a means of exchanging experiences and information.


While the project is mainly volunteer-run, the political organiser plays a vital role alongside the subscriptions coordinator in keeping Red Pepper viable. The magazine survives and thrives as a function of its involvement in wider movements. Maintaining that involvement and ensuring that the project responds to the concerns and priorities of the movements, alongside more straightforward forms of promotion are at the heart of the political organiser’s job.

Download the full job description and information on how to apply.

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Air Quality and #Manchester, 15 June, 12-2pm

15 June, 12pm – 2:00pm, Innside Manchester, 1 First Street, Manchester, M15 4RP

Poor air quality in Greater Manchester is causing ill health; contributing to almost 2,000 deaths a year in the City region alone.

Come and be part of this engaging event which will explain:
• The impact of Greater Manchester’s air quality on health;
• What is currently being done to address it;
• How a collaborative approach is needed to deliver a solution – how can your organisation be a part of this?

This free event is aimed at businesses and professionals and will include the chance to try out a pollution specific virtual reality experience, a networking lunch and showcase area.

Speakers include Global Action Plan, TfGM, Public Health England, British Lung Foundation, City of Trees and Jacobs, with the event ending on a Q&A session.

This event forms part of National Clean Air Day and is hosted by City of Trees and Jacobs, supported by Transport for Greater Manchester.



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#Manchester Environmental Education Network AGM – 6 July #climate

Dear all,

You are invited to join us for the next Greater Manchester ESD Forum and MEEN AGM which will be held on Thursday 6th July 2017, 2.30 – 5pm at Bridge 5 Mill, M4 7HR.

We are really pleased to introduce this year’s special guest speaker and facilitator Paul Allen, from the Centre for Alternative Technology who will share with us the measures we need to take for a Zero Carbon Britain, examine the importance of our values and inspire us to keep moving towards a positive world through learning, behaviour change and shared well-being. The focus of the afternoon is around educating for a Zero Carbon future and promises to be informative, reflective and inspiring.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about MEEN’s activities over the year and network over tea and cake.

Unlike any other Forum or MEEN AGM we are also hosting an evening session at the Briton’s Protection from 7.30pm. We are inviting Mancunians concerned with climate change to share the ideas of Zero Carbon Britain, to network and update each other on current activities, to think about possible gaps in our work and whether we should be working towards a Zero Carbon Manchester, and if so, how. We also hope to have some live music and singing in an effort to maintain our spirits and sense of well-being!

Our endevour will be for the two events to lead from one to the other, but also be able to stand alone. Consequently, you are welcome to join us for one event or both.

We do hope you want to come along, it promises to be an inspiring and productive day. All you have to do is let us know you are coming by a return email.

Furthermore, MEEN is interested in accepting new board members. Please download the nomination form and if you would like to talk about joining the board please ring me on 07505172335.

All the very best

Raichael Lock

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