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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.

Manchester City Council’s latest climate change strategy will work.

It will work. What Manchester City Council is planning to do about its climate problem in the coming months will work. If you’re surprised at that statement, well, keep reading. It will NOT work to surface the failures around the … Continue reading

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Does #Manchester City Council have any policy against ever-bigger cars? Let’s find out…

Dear Sir/Madam,I recently read that parking bays are being widened to encourage, sorry “accommodate” ever-larger metal wombs on wheels  A quick google search finds that this happened in 2016 in Manchester. So, I have two questions 1.  From 2016 to … Continue reading

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Letter: In the year 2025… #takingcredit #Manchester #climate

ZERO carbon is easy if someone else is doing the heavy lifting. Your report “Zero-carbon” grid (M.E.N. 15th June) has the National Grid Electricity Systems Operator saying that by 2025 there will be times when there are no fossil fuels … Continue reading

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Yes, but WHY the lack of #climate scrutiny? Or “the veto and what to do about it” #Manchester

My friend and colleague Chloe Jeffries has written a customarily brilliant blog post on the CEM website that explains what is not being discussed. but doesn’t actually answer the question “Why is there so little mention of the climate emergency … Continue reading

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Carbon Literacy – 14 sessions, not a single elected member shows up…

Yes, I know, there were elections. I know because I am a member of Climate Emergency Manchester and we were flat out trying to get candidates to say yea or nay to some simple climate commitments. Meanwhile, Manchester City Council … Continue reading

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“Affordable” as the new “sustainable” – words mean whatever the powerful want them to mean.

I just sent this letter to the Manchester Evening News. If they publish it, I will add a photo of it in t’paper. Update – they published it! 4th June 2021… WE live in Alice’s wonderland, where our lords and … Continue reading

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Why the enormous rhetoric-reality gap for #Manchester City Council on #climate? 1987 as the pivotal year… (video)

This video is rough as a badger’s arse. There will be a slicker version. Comments very welcome…

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Letter in MEN (truncated) Council and #climate leadership

We got none of that. The Council simply did more of the same drivel. It’s just thrown 50 thousand more pounds at consultants to do work its own bureaucrats had promised to do years previously.In September, the latest carbon emissions figures … Continue reading

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In essence: “No, because that would discriminate against the Labour councillors who are drooling morons.”

With my Manchester Climate Monthly hat on: The group I am part of, Climate Emergency Manchester, did its best during the election campaign to get candidates to say yes or no to three simple climate pledges Most Labour candidates studiously … Continue reading

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It’s official – elections where only the “ayes” get to speak are just fine! #Manchester

Yesterday the Leader of Manchester City Council, who has been there since 1996, was re-elected again. What made the whole thing hilarious was that the presiding official, the Lord Mayor, forgot to ask how many people were opposed. I wrote … Continue reading

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