MCFly #02: MCFly in “praising council” shocker

Mon 6 Feb: Castle Grayskull was shaken to its foundations this morning, as Council officers and elected members read a positive news story about the Council in the pages of MCFly. Reporting on the Council’s decision to include carbon savings as part of their quarterly business plan reports, MCFly said “Well done you.”

Unconfirmed reports are circulating that one Executive Member has fainted, and that supplies of smelling salts are running low. It all goes back to a meeting in December of the “Communities and Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee” (a bunch of councillors who quiz the top bods on what’s going on). After enduring a guest speech, one councillor – Bernard Priest (Labour, Ardwick) – expressed dissatisfaction at the lack of detailed reporting on what the council was actually doing to cut its carbon footprint, in line with its 41% by 2020 target. He asked for more detail, so councillors could indeed overview and scrutinise (the clue is in the name).

In the latest Business Plan, available online, those details are beginning to be fleshed out. In a new appendix “service level low-carbon action plans” and the like are listed. This isn’t just in one area – action plans for Adults, Children’s, Regeneration, Capital Programme, Corporate Property and Corporate Procurement – will be open for question at the next Communities and Neighbourhoods meeting, to be held on Tuesday 7th February at the Town Hall.

Marc Hudson

MCFly says – several cliches spring to mind. “Information is power” is one. “The devil is in the detail” is another. And “thank you for that rod for your own back” is third….

UPDATE: Never knowingly scooped, (cough cough) the Council on Wednesday 8th has reported the same story here.

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