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Communities Scrutiny Committee: #climate change dribbled into the short grass #Manchester #a-democracy

The councillor had three objections, which we (1) can call Precedence, Procedure and Price. In the end, none of them stands up, can be allowed to stand up.  The Communities Scrutiny Committee (CSC) of Manchester City Council must start looking at … Continue reading

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#Climate scientist James Hansen: “We’re forked” (not #Manchester -specific)

James Hansen is the climate scientist who told US Congress in 1988 that global warming was already here, and that there was trouble ahead.  He’s got a track record of being right (people can quibble on the pro-nuclear stuff).  Recently … Continue reading

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#Manchester #climate nuggets Feb 25th 2013 #mcc #acertainfuture #acretinfuture

Hi all, if you’re interested in democracy and cancelled elections and so on, you probably want to read this post. And then you can decide if you’re going to a) send letters [of our devising or your own – it’s … Continue reading

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“And the Oscar goes to…” No-car Oscars?!!!

Just in time for tonight’s Oscar awards! Carbusters is a magazine/website that “aims to serve as both an information source and a call to action, providing a full range of content from direct action skills to the latest research developments, … Continue reading

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Steering Group strikes again: “Stakeholder” “Conference” #epicfailing #Manchester #climate #farce #acertainfuture

Attention Conservation Notice: MCFly editors Marc Hudson and Arwa Aburawa have been banned – without any explanation – from attending a three and a half hour meeting that pretends to be a stakeholder conference.  Someone has forwarded the latest email … Continue reading

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Newsflash! “Siberian wind will strip away your layers of tawdry self-delusion, says Met Office”

The excellent and reliable news source the Daily Mash is warning of a new cold snap about to hit Britain! Batten down the (psychological) hatches, and be prepared to show true grit, we say… A BITING wind from the haunted, … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Latest Alexandra Park Developments

Campaigners from the Save Alexandra Park have sent us this press release about the recent shift in council policy. It seems that the plans to cut back the tennis courts in the park from six to four – something which … Continue reading

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Something for the Weekend 22 February 2013 #Manchester #Climate

To get your weekend off to a start- a bad joke. Q. Why did the mother of twins name both of her sons Edward? A. Because two Eds are better than one. And this weekend… Fri 22nd, 10.45pm “Take Notice” reading … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Free Energy Efficiency training for Third Sector and Not-for-Profit organisations #Manchester #climate

Got this in an email newsletter. Please forward on to anyone you think will be interested. Free training for Third Sector and Not for Profit organisations Groundwork MSSTT are holding a series of Energy Efficiency Workshops with funding from the … Continue reading

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Upcoming Listening Event: “Take Notice” by Adam Thorpe. Radio 4, Fri 22nd, 10.45pm #climate

Fri 22nd, 10.45pm “Take Notice” reading on book at bedtime, Radio 4.  From Adam Thorpe’s short story in a forthcoming collection called “Beacons” (to be launched on Thurs 7th March, here in Manchester!!

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