#Manchester #Climate Monthly #17, May 2013 out now! #mcc

Has the council decided to open up about how the chair of the Climate Steering Group is going to get elected? And exactly how many people have actually applied? What can academics do for activists? Also, what’s so bad about Shale Gas? What do we need to do to bring back former activists?

All good questions, and you will find answers in the latest “Manchester Climate Monthly,” along with the usual “what you can do”, “Coal Face Interviews” and extensive calendar of green events on the back page. PLEASE retweet this/put it on facebook, tell your friends. And as ever, your comments and critiques and suggestions are v. welcome, to mcmonthly@gmail.com

About arwafreelance

Freelance journalist based in the UK with an interest in the Middle East, environmental issues, Islam-related topics and social issues such as regeneration.
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