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Upcoming event: “Aviation and the #climate crisis” Weds 20th Nov, #Manchester

On Weds 20th November  (7pm-9pm) Flight Free UK is holding a free event – ‘Aviation and the Climate Crisis’ – at Bridge 5 Mill in Ancoats. Full event details are on Eventbrite: and Facebook: The event will explore … Continue reading

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If it’s a #climate emergency, can we fly to Paris, Belfast & Brussels from #Manchester? (Spoiler – “no”)

Flying eh?  The number one thing that people and organisations can do to reduce their carbon footprint, basically.  And it really isn’t easy.  Some places are just hard to get to (Australia, USA, etc). But Paris? Brussels?  Belfast? From Manchester? … Continue reading

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Andy Burnham says we all will have to reduce our #carbon footprints. Flies to/from Paris. Twice. #climate #Manchester

So, we’re all going to be zero-carbon (whatever that means) by 2038. Because, you know, we have kids. The kids are so important. And leadership. Leadership is so important. But we’re still going to, like, fly to Paris and back. … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council flies staff to Southampton, Exeter, Edinburgh, while boasting about #climate policy

Manchester City Council has paid for flights to Exeter, Southampton, Belfast, Southend and Edinburgh in the last year, while simultaneously telling everyone how seriously they take climate change. In addition to these numerous domestic flights, there are a number to … Continue reading

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Lucy Powell and “carbon literacy”- no answers yet… #manchester #climate

The Labour Party’ MP Lucy Powell (Manchester Central) has repeatedly declined to say whether she has completed the much-vaunted “carbon literacy” training that various people in Manchester seem to think is worth a bucket of warm spit. On 26 June … Continue reading

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#Manchester MPs vote for Heathrow Expansion

Any time anyone tells you that Labour takes climate change seriously – at a Manchester, Greater Manchester or National level, you are entitled to ROFLYAO. Show them this too

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Rally re: 20 yrs since 2nd runway, 20 May #Manchester

Campaign Against Manchester Airport’s Second Runway 20th anniversary rally 20th May 2017 1-4pm On 20th May 1997 police, bailiffs, and unknown men-in-black, started removing protesters from the site of what is now Manchester Airport’s Runway 2. It would take four … Continue reading

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