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Scientist; “my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive”

“People say the world is robust and that’s true, there will be life on Earth, but the Earth won’t be robust for us,” [Will Steffen] said. “Some people say we can adapt due to technology, but that’s a belief system, it’s … Continue reading

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Non-violent communication course in #Manchester, February 7/8

Suggestions and slurs that MCFly needs to go on this course are put out by muppets and idiots who… no, wait…

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Media coverage plummets as the emissions soar

“According to climate scientists, after decades of dithering we are now beginning to run out of time. In a report in November 2011, the International Energy Agency calculated that – without significant political action – we will pass the point … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council ignores Freedom of Information Act, refuses to release information

In early December 2014 Manchester City Council acknowledged receipt of a Freedom of Information request about its carbon literacy programme.  The 20 working days expired without any information being delivered.  A “where’s the info?” email  sent three days ago has … Continue reading

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Onion: “New #Climate Study just400 pages of scientists saying read previous studies…

Too true to be funny.…

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#Fracking in Lancashire video: #WeAreLancashire (repost)

Fracking 14 January 2015 Join us   Dear Marc For over three years local residents have been working hard to oppose fracking plans in Lancashire and we’ve been with them every step of the way. Last week we asked Lancashire … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council and Carbon Literacy: Promised report awol, and breaches FoIA deadline

Manchester City Council is in breach of not one but TWO commitments to provide information about its own environmental performance. Last September the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee the committee agreed to a proposal (from me) that a report on the successes/failures … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council spends 30k on “green” strategy. Consults with… the consultants writing the report!

Here’s the short version: Manchester City Council has spent 30k outsourcing the creation of a “Green Infrastructure”.  They “consulted” – but mostly with the consultants they hired! Manchester City Council promised a “Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy” would be in … Continue reading

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Scrutiny Week January 2015 #Manchester City Council

As ever, there is no single official page where you can find out what items are being discussed at the six scrutiny committee meetings being held this week.  (Manchester City Council, with 95 of its 96 councillors belonging to the … Continue reading

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