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“2 degrees” = dangerous #climate change. Interview with author

“The Two Degrees Dangerous Limit for Climate Change: Public understanding and decision making” is a (very) new book by academic Chris Shaw. Here he responds to a series of questions about the two degree limit, the recent Paris conference, and … Continue reading

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Re-post: “Wretched of the Earth” letter about #climate march

Reposted from here, about the climate march in London that some Manchester folks went on.  Anyone who went who saw any of the events described here care to comment? While this is horrifying, and wrong, and unacceptable, it’s not exactly … Continue reading

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MACF’s Uncertain Future- fails to bid for cash, Council cash slashed (?)

A group set up to advance Manchester’s climate goals has failed to even bid for money to keep itself afloat.  Meanwhile, it seems that the City Council, losing patience, has cut its support from two years to one… Once upon … Continue reading

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What does #COP21 mean for #Manchester

James Hansen is the go-to guy for climate change. In 1981 his work put climate change on the front page of the New York Times.  In June 1988 he spoke out when other climate scientists were too cautious, too scared … Continue reading

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Good questions about (after) sustainability

So, if there were a functioning climate movement in Manchester, it would, imho, be answering some of the questions in bold (scroll down if you want to see them).  But there isn’t. Ho-hum, #gladtobe45andchildfree.   Global Discourse special issue: ‘After … Continue reading

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Can the solutions for climate change help us fix poverty too?

Arwa Aburawa co-edited Manchester Climate Fortnightly from 2008 to 2010, and then Mancheste Climate Monthly from 2011 to mid-2013. After that her career kinda went down hill, and she now scrapes a living as … a producer for Al Jazeera’s … Continue reading

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Fetish night at Bruntwood: sustainability gets VERY interesting. #Manchester #climate

Not that kind of fetish (sorry for the clickbaiting). I mean the original, anthropological meaning of “fetish” – a god that we create, then forget that we created as we come to worship it. That kind of fetish was being … Continue reading

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