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It’s not about the individuals, it’s about the structures. (Of polar bears and penguins)

We are encouraged to think about systemic problems as ones of individual choice, good/bad behaviour. In part that is just how we are “wired”. We can see individuals, we can witness threatening behaviours. The structures and landscapes on which these … Continue reading

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Letter: Police Bill strengthens state against weakened society

Margaret Brown (Viewpoints, 6 April) seems somewhat confused in her letter. She seems to think that protestors are calling for “a restriction of police powers”.  This is simply not the case. What they are actually calling for is the abandonment … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Manchester City Council fails AGAIN to appoint a Director of its #climate change “agency”

Manchester City Council has failed, for the second time in as many years, to find someone to lead the community interest company it grandly calls a climate change “Agency” As reported here in February 2020, Manchester City Council failed to … Continue reading

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