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Power for power; democracy needed for clean community energy in #Manchester

A democratic approach to energy supply can deliver secure, clean energy and reduce our energy consumption. Vicki Ramsden writes… I was fortunate to be invited to a briefing session delivered by Friends of the Earth (FoE). Delegates from FoE have … Continue reading

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Dr Alice Bows and Prof Kevin Anderson of #Manchester Tyndall; “We Need to Consume Less” #climate

From the Warsaw climate talks… from 27 minutes in… Hmm, doesn’t seem to embed, so you may have to click here –

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Another #Manchester student writes from the #climate talks in Warsaw #ukycc

Crosspost from here. Climate Change, The Elephant in the Room By Lizzy Clark On November 15, 2013 · 3 Comments → inShare Share on Tumblr The venue for this year’s summit Some reflections on my initial frustrations with the UN … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm about the #climate talks in Warsaw

Read it and weep. MCFly knows of two people going to the UNFCCC talk(ing shop)s in Warsaw from the 11-22 November. We’re asking them to report on all the civilisation-saving agreements that get signed off…

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International: Black families still counting the cost of Katrina

Sigh. From Ebony magazine; Today, New Orleans is in a much ‘better’ place with its airport renovated, restaurants thriving, and new schools and medical facilities being built. However, many of the city’s low-income, Black families are still dealing with problems … Continue reading

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IMF boss Christine Lagarde gives future generations the finger

IMF boss Christine Lagarde was at Davos for the World Economic Forum this year.  In a q and a session she was asked about climate change implications.  She said…

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Know your (green) history; Trade Unions and the Environment

MCFly asked John Medhurst, Policy Officer at the Public and Commercial Services union (1), to write about the historic links between trade unionism and environmental protest. It is sometimes assumed that trade unionism and environmentalism are two entirely different strands … Continue reading

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Caption Contest: Chris Huhne in Durban

The latest international talk-fest on climate change finishes today, and the exciting news is there may be a deal for discussions about a roadmap! (Just like the Bali roadmap that lead to the stunning success that was the Copenhagen conference … Continue reading

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Occupy Climate Change

MCFly co-editor, Arwa Aburawa, has just had a brief piece of writing published on the frontpage of the Canadian magazine Adbusters. I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s champion. Feel free to leave comments there or, even better, here. … Continue reading

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