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Where are the #climate groups now? Or “Manchester Activist Scene Tedious And Banal ‘All Together’ Exhortations”

Two and a half years ago – at what I suspected at the time was the height of the climate issue (1) – I wrote a piece called A bluffer’s guide to #Manchester environment & #climate organisations, old and new. … Continue reading

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Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?

If people won’t even tell the truth about their own actions, why should we trust their analysis of others’? Or their trustworthiness, competence etc? Serious question. And silence is complicity, btw.

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#COP26 hot take of hot takes

Said it before, will say it again. #COP26 is utterly irrelevant for people who want to do real stuff in #Manchester. Still, here’s a very lightly annotated list of a tiny proportion of the hot takes. I have even wasted … Continue reading

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What #COP26 means for #Manchester on #climate

First off, that’s a clickbait headline. Sorry. Anyone who knows this website, or my perspective, knows what is coming. COP26 means absolutely nothing. It never did, and anyone who told you it did, who told you that it was somehow … Continue reading

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Rubbish answers from #Manchester City Council about waste collection, panic-buying 4xl hazmat suits

A FOIA. On 23rd October I wrote to Dear Sir/Madam, I read this story in the Grauniad with alarm.  It concerns bin lorry drivers selfishly deciding to put food on their families’ tables by taking higher paid jobs delivering … Continue reading

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The new Council leader’s #climate impact?  Or “The Pretenders: Leese-ism in the post Leese world”

After 25 (1) years of one guy in charge, Manchester City Council has a new Leader.  Many (2) people have asked my incredibly informed opinion on what it does/might mean for climate policy in this city, so I’ve put fingers … Continue reading

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Of rallies, innovation and the future – 11 more theses on the #climate “movement” and post #COP26 prospects

Disclaimer: What follows are the personal views of Marc Hudson. They should not be taken as representing the view of Climate Emergency Manchester collectively or any of its other core group members. I went to the Manchester climate “strike” today.  … Continue reading

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‘Historic moment’ as Green Party win first seat on Manchester City council since 2008

Fun fact – the editor of this website was in Manchester Town Hall for the election count in May 2008 wen the Greens lost their Hulme seat by 50 votes (or may have heard gripping accounts and conflated them. A … Continue reading

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Flagrant breach of purdah by #Manchester City Council – FOIA and complaint submitted #EarthDay #Climate

tl;dr– Manchester City Council officials have been extremely careless in pumping out propaganda during what is supposed to be a “neutral” time ahead of Thursday 6th May local elections. I’ve submitted a FOIA (will get evasions and replies that don’t … Continue reading

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Letter: Protest matters

The letter (“Lost support” Viewpoints 29 March) left me bewildered. The correspondent, who declined to give their name, starts by criticising “the actions of protestors in Bristol.” He or she neglects to point out that many people in Bristol say that … Continue reading

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