The Republic of Newtonia

From the 11th to 24th February 1994, dozens of people physically defended a patch of wildlife from the Council and its bulldozers. They were seeking to protect Abbey Pond, in Hulme, near the University. They declared the “Republic of Newtonia.”

Every day from 11th to 24th February 2022, Manchester Climate Monthly will post memories of that time, and documents that describe what happened. Below is an index page for the posts.

On Thursday 24th February, an online meeting [book here] will bring together people who were there, in the snow and sleet, with today’s defenders of green spaces (because the Council and its bulldozers are still on the prowl).

If you were at the Republic of Newtonia, and want to share your memories, please get in touch –

Fri 11th FebOccupying the site
Sat 12th FebCandelit vigil
Sun 13th FebMad Planners Tea Party
Mon 14th FebNothing says “we love biodiversity” like a court summons…
Tues 15th FebIsaac Newt versus the Global Forum…
Weds 16th FebToday’s battles – Friends of Carrington Moss
Thurs 17th FebThe day before the Day in Court and “The nature of memory
Fri 18th FebA day in court
Sat 19th FebWhat is to be learnt?
Sun 20th Feb
Mon 21st FebLinking that hypocrisy…
Tues 22nd FebA postcard from Madrid
Weds 23rd FebThe day before the revolu… eviction
Thurs 24th FebEviction!

Further reading:

The Magpie, the newsletter of the Manchester Wildlife Group, covered the pond’s life and the effort to save it.

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