The Republic of Newtonia Day #03 – The Mad Planner’s Tea Party

Every day from Friday 11th to Thursday 24th February, a post (sometimes two) will appear on this site, to celebrate the Republic of Newtonia – a brief occupation of a site in Hulme in defence of Abbey Pond (near the Old Abbey Taphouse). In 1994, local people and environmental activists tried to stop the Council and the Science Park from filling in the much-loved pond. If you were there, and want to share your memories (and any photos or other material) please do get in touch via mcmonthly@manchesterclimatemonthly or on Twitter – @mcr_climate

Also, on Thurs 24th, the 28th anniversary of the Pond’s destruction, there is an online meeting, from 7.30pm, bringing together people who were at the Republic of Newtonia with campaigners defending green spaces now. You can book here (it’s free).

By the third day of the camp there’d already been a flotilla of paper boats and a candelit vigil.

The Council – its planners and councillors – were invited to a “Mad Planner’s Tea Party” (as per The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Alice through the Looking Glass).

Surprise surprise, they didn’t show up to the party, or to the Republic at all during its short brave life. The Republic had to go to them – as we will see on February 15th.

Here’s a couple of (undated) photos from the Republic…


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  1. Lucy Carlin says:

    Hi I’m trying to send you some pics and archive re abbeypond but dont seem to manage to get it to send. please can you give me an email address to send it to. Thanks, Lucy x

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