U (Chorltonites) decided

Small pots of money from Manchester City Council’s budget were dished out last Thursday night at a “U Decide” event in the impoverished and downtrodden ward of Chorlton. (See our earlier story.)

MCFly was not there, but we are reliably informed that eleven groups got some cash. Among the winners were;

Chorlton Big Green Festival – £750 for workshops, sound system, toilets, staging. (The Big Green Festival happens every March, and MCFly hopes to be there with a stall, distributing scurrilous propaganda).

Cracking Good Food – £450 for group cooking sessions for affordable and healthy food

Pop Up Farm – £750 for food growing projects with a local school and the launch event

Friends of Beech Road Park – £220.20 for the replacement of two cherry trees

Garden Share – £750 to pair up people with garden space with those who have none – posters, tools, plants, compost

And the fantastically named
Nam-Bee-Pam-Bee – £750 for a secure steel shed to hold and protect bee equipment (At the Community Allotments at the end of Scott Avenue)

Sadly the bids for £750 for Zumba classes, a new tea urn and a new sound system at Chorlton Leisure Centre and £643.20 for seven trees to be replanted in Chorltonville were unsuccessful this time around.

Marc Hudson (claiming the credit for Arwa Aburawa’s work, as usual)

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2 Responses to U (Chorltonites) decided

  1. RogerB says:

    I went to hear the 2 minute presentations by each of the projects bidding for money. I couldn’t vote as I live just over the border in Whalley Range. It was interesting and encouraging in a number of respects:
    – quite a high turnout (over 100) for a dank autumn evening
    – all pretty laudable projects
    – those that were turned down seemed to reflect good sense in the voters. Could be just me, but these seemed to be those that should have been paid for in other ways: Manchester Leisure may be a charity but it’s also a big business. They just appear not to have prioritised investment in older people’s zumba and the urn (why not?). Also perception rightly or wrongly that Chorltonville is a rather exclusive estate of relatively rich who could pay for their own trees, if the Council won’t (why not?)
    – feels like MCCouncil dipping its toes in the waters of direct-ish democracy and encouraging the rest of us to do so. It’ll be all the more interesting to see whether there’s more paddling/diving in future or whether this was always as far as it was intended to go: a greater proportion of grants allcoated by MCC? Other sorts of budgets? Decisions where there will be more losers, not like the 17th where most projects got something? (And then: just becasue something is only supported by a minority does it make it less necessary or desirable?)
    – all the clearer that if you’re going to have direct (or any kind of) democracy, people have to have the chance to be informed (independently) as well as just to make decisions. Otherwise it’s rule by Daily Mail referendum, which is not something I personally fancy
    And a query – was the entire allocation of £7500 used up?

    • Thanks for the interesting observations (you’re very welcome to become MCFLy roving reporter for Chorlton and Whalley Range!)

      8 organisations got £750, one got £700, one got £450 and one got £220.20, so there was a very slight (£150) underspend…

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