The sun also… sets on solar panel scheme

Plans to install solar panels on 3,000 roofs across Greater Manchester have been cut to just 600 roofs. Move follows the government’s decision to slash the feed-in-tariffs on December 12th.

Manchester City Council’s Director of Housing Paul Beardmore today told MCFly that the new government changes had a big impact on their plans. These plans had made the reasonable assumption that the subsidy for solar panels would be cut in March 2012 not December. “We just can’t make it stack up financially to do them all”, he said. “In fact, we were really lucky to be in a position to get started straight away as we had already surveyed the properties and they were connected to network. So Carillion was able sign a contract straight away and commit to putting up to 600 new panels.”

Back in October, Manchester City Council’s Executive agreed plans that involved at installing solar panels on 2,000 roofs across North Manchester with the help of the providers British Gas and Carillion. British Gas have now pulled out and Manchester City Council is working with Carillion and housing agency Northwards Housing to complete the solar panel work on 600 roofs.

Plans to consider self-funding 1,000 roofs have been shelved completely as Beardmore states they were “too risky for the council to undertake and install- we didn’t go ahead with that option.”

The full impact of tariff cuts will be detailed in the council’s feed-in-tariffs (FiT) consultation response which is due on the 23rd of December.

More on this story soon.

Arwa Aburawa

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1 Response to The sun also… sets on solar panel scheme

  1. Patrick Sudlow says:

    What happened to the Council’s ambitious targets in their much vaunted, ‘Manchester – A certain Future’? If they reduced there spending on marketing (and many other unnecessary expenses), which is all about consumerism, and therefore not planet friendly, they could fund the solar panels. With the reduced FITs, pay back may take a little longer, but we are supposed to be preparing for the future.

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