Council Executive to make Wythenshawe Park a Local Nature Reserve

Manchester City Council’s 9-member Executive (see our youtube video about ’em here) will today agree to turn Wythenshawe Park into a Local Nature Reserve.

Local Nature Reserves “are sites that contain wildlife and/or geological features that are of special interest locally. Their function is to provide opportunities for people to become involved in the management of their local environment as well as giving people special opportunities to study, learn or simply enjoy nature.”

There are currently seven in Manchester – Chorlton Water Park, Blackley Forest, Clayton Vale, Chorlton Ees & Ivy Green, Boggart Hole Clough, Highfield Country Park and Stenner Woods & Millgate Fields; covering a total area of 307 hectares (ha), relative to the 2005 baseline of 19 ha.

According to the report that will be agreed tomorrow (6 page pdf); “Since being designated as LNRs there has been increased public usage by local and regional visitors to all sites. They have all also obtained national recognition with Natural England and other nature conservation organisations.
“In line with the Manchester Biodiversity Strategy, further sites will be designated as LNRs over the next five years.”

These sites include;

 Broadhurst Clough (Moston ward)
 Harpurhey ponds (Harpurhey ward)
 Kenworthy Wood (Northenden ward)
 Moston Vale (Harpurhey ward)
 Park Wood ( Sharston Ward)
 Heaton Park (Higher Blackley Ward)

Marc Hudson

Disclaimer: You have just read a puff piece. We hope to find the time and volunteers to “look under the hood.” If you’ve questions you think we should ask the council, why not put them in the comments section below?

Btw – Manchester City Council owns 55% of Manchester Airport Group.  MAG runs Manchester Airport (doh!) but also 3 other airports.  Manchester City Council will  “own” 55% of about half of those airports’ metal-birds-in-the-sky emissions, once there’s a global deal on who owns what aviation emissions.

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1 Response to Council Executive to make Wythenshawe Park a Local Nature Reserve

  1. RogerB says:

    Yes it’s good news that Wythenshawe Park will be a nature reserve. An obvious question is which bits of that park? And/Or what proportion of it? Of most or all of the existing and planned reserves listed, this is probably the least “natural”/wild looking. It’s fairly manicured.

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