Competition: £150 and warm innner glow to be won…

MCFly got this in our email inbox, and is passing it on…

EMERGE‘s Zero Waste Champions Competition

Reduce your waste by taking Emerge’s Zero Waste Challenge, encourage other people in your community to do the same, and you could win up to £150 worth of prizes!

EMERGE guarantees:

–    Comprehensive training so you will know how to reduce your waste and have the confidence to pass on your experience to others
–    Support as you plan events and gain pledges.

Not only will you receive a certificate for volunteering with EMERGE but you will also:

–    Gain new knowledge and skills
–    Have valuable experience to enhance your CV
–    Meet new people and have fun – all whilst doing your bit to save the environment!

Interested? Then book one of the  Waste Induction Sessions on your premises at a time convenient for you. These sessions are FREE for community groups and businesses until March 2012. You will find out:

–    Why it is important to reduce waste sent to landfill/incineration
–    How to complete the Zero Waste Challenge and Slim your Bin
–    How you can volunteer to encourage people in your community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
–    How you can win up to £150 in prizes!

For more information, or to book your place, call 0161 223 8200, or email


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