Newsflash: Stakeholder Conference venue announced

The Climate Change Action Plan Stakeholder Conference date and venue have now been announced. However, you will have to wait another “couple of weeks” to actually book your place – that’s if you have any annual leave (and patience) left…

Constant readers will recall that we have been following the progress around the stakeholder conference for the “Manchester – A certain future” plan for quite a while. In November 2010 the first ‘annual’ conference was held. No follow-up to attendees, nothing on the website. No conference in 2011. So, you can probably understand our frustration at the time it has taken to announce:
a) That the conference is happening, even if it is in the following year
b) That it will be on Friday 16th of March 2012

We can now also announce that it will be taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Pennine Suite in the All Saints Building, on Oxford Road. Capacity is just 150 people so it’s not going to be a mega-conference – Steve Connor who heads the steering committee in charge of organising the conference has said in the past that he wanted to keep the conference small…

Saying that, I was told today that people will have to wait another couple of weeks before they will be able to actually book themselves in for this conference. Although full details of the stakeholder conference will be released on Monday, potential attendees will not be able to book, or get a confirmation until the following week. That means people could end up with just five weeks to try and book their place at the conference and then try and get the time off work.

And all that during the end of March, when most people will have taken all their time off before the new financial year.

On second thoughts, 150 might be a stretch target…

Arwa Aburawa
Freelance Journalist


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