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How to make a Green Impact!

Laurence Menhinick learns how to conduct a green audit, and finds that virtue is its own reward. Having read about volunteering to audit Manchester Metropolitan Uni, I decided to take the (free) training offered by the Green Impact team last … Continue reading

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Greater Manchester makes its decision on the Green Deal (sort of)

In a bid to keep our readers awake and me sane, this report is only of the key decisions and interesting debates that took place at the Environment Commission’s 21 March meeting (1). It is not an official record of … Continue reading

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Event Report: Ecology as the Opium of the People

MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson attends a meeting with muscle relaxants mentioned in the title, but comes away neither relaxed or impressed. Wrap your thinking gear around this quote from the eco-thriller “Zdt”  Wrong. Nature in the Middle Ages was a … Continue reading

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Manchester Climate Election Hustings; Tues 17 April 2012

“Is Manchester City Council taking the right action on climate change?” Politicians from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens  (and maybe the Conservatives!) will be put under the democratic spotlight in central Manchester on Tuesday 17th April.  At a … Continue reading

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Manchester Gets Ready to Retrofit

MCFly writer Philip James investigates plans for a Mancunian “retrofit revolution” Manchester is readying itself for a retrofit revolution. Our leaky existing housing stock has to be transformed into well-insulated, airtight and efficient homes that are fit for a low … Continue reading

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Manchester Climate weekly nuggets #5

Hi all, Just a reminder- if you want to start writing or volunteering for MCFly a) you’ll be joining a growing band of folks b) all you have to do is email us – Please encourage your climate-concerned friends … Continue reading

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Lib Dem leader Marc Ramsbottom interviewed by MCFly

Councillor Marc Ramsbottom, leader of the Liberal Democrat group within Manchester City Council, was interviewed by MCFly in early February (see full transcript only now posted here). In a wide-ranging discussion that took in Manchester Airport’s future, ward plans and … Continue reading

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Stakeholder Conference: The culture workshop

MCFly reader Jonathan Atkinson (him from Carbon Coop – but writing below in a personal capacity) attended the Stakeholder Conference. He has sent us this write-up of the “culture” workshop.  I attended David Haley‘s workshop on the role of art … Continue reading

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Stakeholders hold stakes: Outbreak of dissent at Stakeholder Conference

Dissent reigned at the end of the ‘annual’ Stakeholder Conference for Manchester’s Climate Change Action Plan yesterday. Participants broke ranks to express concern and dismay at both the format of the day’s proceedings and the lack of transparency and information … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Steering Group steers towards democracy

The Steering Group announced that it will be holding elections for its members. In a surprising policy u-turn,  during today’s stakeholder conference, Steve Connor, chair of  the 32-member Steering Group,  said that they are currently “exploring election mechanisms” so that … Continue reading

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