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Event Report: Will retrofit guinea-pigs fly? They had better, or else wfio (!)… #Green Deal #Manchester

Attention Conservation Notice: A short account of a meeting at Manchester Town Hall for people interested in lowering energy bills, saving carbon and generally taking (baby) steps on the journey to Greater Manchester’s climate change goals. Followed by a blow-by-blow … Continue reading

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A tale of two ironies – a “forum” about #Manchester and its sustainability

Attention Conservation Notice: First the two ironies, then some barely-controlled vitriol, about the cities@manchester event held tonight. Of interest primarily to people who were there, or who like to watch bridges burn to their foundations and then watch the foundations … Continue reading

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Manchester Gets Ready to Retrofit

MCFly writer Philip James investigates plans for a Mancunian “retrofit revolution” Manchester is readying itself for a retrofit revolution. Our leaky existing housing stock has to be transformed into well-insulated, airtight and efficient homes that are fit for a low … Continue reading

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