Climate Hustings: “What I hope happens” by Green Party panellist

We’ve asked each of the panellists for the Tuesday April 17th climate hustings (book here!) (Cllr Nigel Murphy, Cllr Marc Ramsbottom and Brian Candeland) for a brief statement on 200 word or so article on why they’re coming (beyond “I was asked me and I’m looking for votes”) and what they hope they and other people will get from the evening. First out of the blocks is Brian Candeland, Green Party candidate in Chorlton Ward.

Why I am going
In these days of media manipulation and cyberspace, there aren’t enough hustings (give me live theatre over movies and TV anyday), and I’d like to thank Marc for arranging this one, and for the topic (although knowing Marc it’s unlikely it would be on anything else) .

With the economic difficulties and the Government’s austerity programme, climate change has slipped of the agenda somewhat. It is essential that we are continually reminded of its importance; even as the recession rumbles on, the threat of irreversible climate chaos increases. The March 2012 level of carbon dioxide stands at 394 ppm and rising, already well above the 350 ppm goal. What’s also often forgotten is that many of the policies, and investment, needed to tackle carbon emissions will also provide employment in this city and beyond.

I hope the hustings will be well-attended, and that those who attend will come away better informed and better connected. Hopefully the three white men on the platform will also be better informed at the end of the evening than at the start, although I can’t say that that will apply to the empty blue chair, assuming it stays empty.

Brian Candeland
Green Party candidate for Chorlton

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