Salford Uni & Envirolink Team Up To Offer Green Training

The University of Salford and Envirolink are joining forces to offer energy and built environment training
An ‘Energy Professional Development Academy’ has been set up by Salford University and low carbon business support company Envirolink to help companies cut their energy costs and carbon emissions.
The courses and workshops are part an effort to upskill the industry and adapt to the fast growing and changing market demands.
According to the commercial manager of the project Dave Hall, this collaboration has been brewing for the last six months. There are various private training services offered across the UK at the moment, but Hall insists that the Energy Professional Development Academy offers something unique.
“Both Envirolink and the University are looking to utilise their shared knowledge and expertise in this sector to provide high quality training along with capitalising on a number of unique facilities such as the Energy House [a full-size reconstructed house built inside a climate controlled lab] here at the university. The benefits of which can be demonstrated by our first training course on Infrared Thermography.”
Hall also added that providing professional training at a time of economic downturn is particularly important. “Professional training is an essential for businesses but is often something that is scaled back on by organisations during challenging economic times. Many organisations see training as an additional cost so we need to make sure that our training delivers significant value and that companies can see a direct benefit to their competitiveness and bottom line.”
The courses and workshops are aimed at individuals and professional working within the housing, energy and construction sector. It also aims to look at the full supply chain- from suppliers to end users. The first course, as mentioned above, will be focusing on the use of thermal cameras and air tightness tests to help reduce energy loss. Prices range from approximately £650 to approximately £1,250 for a four day Thermography certification course.
The collaboration is hoping to reach around 400 students in its first year.
George Baxter, the University’s Director of Research and Innovation said in a press release: “This collaboration will go a long way in training the thousands of professionals we need to implement policies like the Green Deal and meet our energy and carbon targets.”

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