Pre-election survey: Candidates ambivalent about the Airport

Manchester Friends of the Earth has conducted a survey about the environmental positions of candidates standing in the May 3rd local authority elections.

You can read the results here –

One thing that leaps out on an initial skim read is just how ambivalent the candidates who answered the survey are about the plans to double passenger numbers at Manchester Airport. Only 30% of the Conservative candidates who answered the survey support it, with 28% of the Labour candidates supporting. For the Lib Dems it was 0% and for the Greens 3% (which we think means one – possibly confused – person).

Is the survey totally comprehensive? No. But bear in mind that Manchester FoE has no paid staff. The survey was conducted by volunteers. MCFly, if it’s still going when the next Council Elections come round (June 2014), hereby promises to help out.

Disclaimer: MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson is a paid-up member of Friends of the Earth.

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