Green deal or no green deal: domestic retrofit questions answered

From the print edition of Manchester Climate Monthly (available here)
Michael O’Doherty, Head of Climate Change: Buildings and Energy at Manchester City Council and, in his copious spare time, also Greater Manchester Housing Retrofit Programme Lead has kindly answered a few questions MCFly put to him.

What is the latest information around the GM approach to the Green Deal (i.e. which of the two options is the favoured one).
Building on existing strengths in GM we are looking to develop a model which combines promotion and marketing building on the skills and experience of the GM Energy Advice Service with procurement of delivery partners. This ‘Greater Manchester’ model will be put to a forthcoming AGMA meeting.

When is it expected that domestic retrofit under the Green Deal will actually start happening?
If as the Government suggests the Green Deal goes live in October 2012, the market will have various ‘offers’ from day one. There is likely to be a slow start, with limited promotion possibly relying on manual recording systems as the infrastructure for the Green Deal is finalised. In GM, whist we will continue to promote loft and cavity insulation offers through the Energy Advice Service, we will to start to generally promote ‘whole house’ retrofit and the Green Deal, building up . We will also work with energy companies to explore ECO schemes in the social and private housing sectors, and particularly to support community-based schemes. Any specific GM Green Deal ‘offer’ if agreed by AGMA, is unlikely to be available before early 2014, given the likely time-scales to procure partners.

What contingency plans exist – or are being planned – if the Green Deal is significantly watered down/delayed. What is the “worst case scenario”?
Whilst its possible that introduction of the Green Deal could be delayed and some of the touted incentives and ‘nudges’ may not materialise, I think it’s highly likely that the Green Deal and Eco framework will be in place and available by early 2013. The issue is likely to be both the overall level and the spatial and social patterns of take-up occurring naturally through the market. We think local authorities have an important role to stimulate demand and to co-ordinate and drive partnerships and community-based schemes.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Scaling up the supply chain in GM in the next few years, will be crucial if GM is to take economic advantage of the Green Deal. We’re doing a lot of work with national skills agencies and local training providers to develop accredited courses in GM.

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