Upcoming Event: What if… Manchester was as sustainable as Havana?

Here’s the blurb
“Once upon a time, Havana, like Manchester, was a city dependent on fossil fuels. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the oil supply rapidly dried up, and almost overnight, Cuba faced a major food and transportation crisis.

“Havana by necessity had to make the transition to being a sustainable city. Now, it has almost 200 urban allotments, helping the country to become 90% self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables, and hitchhiking and carpooling are commonplace.

“As the oil runs out and we address the threat of climate change, how will Manchester have to change? What does a sustainable Manchester look like – where does its food come from,  and how do people get around? Can we learn lessons from Havana?

Here’s our opinion, fwiw.
It has the potential to be a decent event. Prof Kevin Anderson (chair) and Liz Postlethwaite are good thinkers and speakers (that’s not to say the other two panellists aren’t, we just haven’t met ’em). It also has the potential to be a soul-sucking sage-on-the-stage bore-fest stalked by chest-beating q and a. Time will tell.

It’s free, and it’s on the evening of Thursday 14th June.  The following day there’s an even more amazing event.

You can book here.

We took the photo from the festival of transition page.


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