Upcoming Event: “Real Clothes for the Emperor – Facing the Challenges of Climate Change”

Real Clothes for the Emperor: Facing the Challenges of Climate Change by Professor Kevin Anderson on Thursday 21st June (room H18, Pariser Building, Sackville Street C1 George Begg Building (map))Refreshments will be provided from 4pm and the seminar will start at 4.30pm.

“When I look at this [carbon emissions] data, the trend is perfectly in line with a temperature increase of 6 degrees Celsius (by 2050), which would have devastating consequences for the planet”.

Fatih Birol
Chief economist
International Energy Agency
(May 2012)

In June the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will reconvene in Rio, twenty years after the international community first came together to develop a blueprint of sustainable development for the new millennium.

In 2012, whilst faltering steps towards sustainability have been taken in some areas, on climate change we’re going to hell in a handcart – and fast! Global carbon dioxide emissions for 2011 – a year of economic recession and upheaval in the West – rose by 3.2% on the 2010 figure, which itself was up 6% on 2009.

We are entering uncharted waters; 7 to 9 billion people living in a world with a climate changing at rates unprecedented in human history and beyond that at which ecosystems are attuned to adapt.

This seminar will lay out the case for concern and, perhaps more importantly, demonstrate how the early harnessing of human will and ingenuity may still offer opportunities to deliver relatively low-carbon and climate-resilient communities.

Venue details will be confirmed on Monday 18th June, but the seminar is likely to take place in room H18 in the Pariser Building on Sackville Street.

If you want to go, please contact Amrita Sidhu on tyndall@manchester.ac.uk


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