Danger-ous amounts of cycling to be done!

Lucy Danger, CEO of Emerge Recycling, kindly chaired the pre-election debate MCFly hosted in April.  She’s doing a loooong  bike ride, and one of the Emerge volunteers has written a blog post about where and why. We’re cross-posting it below…


Once upon a time, there was a lady called Lucy.

A social entrepreneur, Lucy pioneered multi-material recycling in Manchester and officially became a superhero in 1996, when she set up the celebrated environmental and waste management enterprise EMERGE (East Manchester Environment and Resources Group). She needed a superhero name, but luckily her full name was Lucy Danger anyway; probably the best superhero name in history. It was just meant to be.

This July, Lucy Danger is using her annual leave (her annual leave) to cycle the length of the country, from Land’s End to John O’Groats – some 900 miles – in aid of FareShare North West.

EMERGE set up FareShare North West in 2008. It’s part of the FareShare national network, which helps people in food poverty by distributing surplus food products that would otherwise be thrown away. Over 4 million people in the UK lack access to adequate meals, while the rest of us chuck out over 8 million tonnes of perfectly good grub every year. It’s just silly. It’s amazingly, horrifyingly silly. And it needs to change. So far, FareShare NW have provided over 2 million meals to 60 local organisations, with around 2000 people depending on their good work. The environment also gets a helping hand: last year they saved about 180 tonnes of food from landfill.

Lucy is a true superhero. But even superheroes need help, and Lucy needs donations to reach her £9000 target. This will help put a new distribution van on the road, meaning next year FareShare NW can double their output!

Help Lucy and we don’t just help the environment, we help those who really need it.

You can learn more and support Lucy by donating here. She’s also looking for corporate sponsors who will benefit from an attractive PR package (contact me – laurence_adams@live.co.uk – or Lucy directly – lucy@emergemanchester.co.uk – to discuss this opportunity). You’ll be able to read about her gruelling journey both here and on EMERGE’s own blog.


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