Upcoming Event: “Big Abundant Party” on Sun July 1st

“Big Abundant Party” for Mancunians who want to act on climate change and have a great time- authentic French meals for just £2, salsa performance from ‘Ya Llegamos’, face painting, quiz, eco info and good hearted chilling and chat. Intergenerational. All welcome. RSVP if poss to guarantee your yummy food.

Date: Sunday July 1st
Time: 3 – 6pm
Venue: The Brow House, 1 Mabfield Road, Fallowfield, M14 6LP
Contact: 07712566144



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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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6 Responses to Upcoming Event: “Big Abundant Party” on Sun July 1st

  1. Authentic French food? What happened to locally sourced food?

    • It might conceivably be grown locally and cooked by one of those dirty immigrants I read so much about in the Daily Hate Mail, in their filthy foreign manner. Why not go find out?

      • If they state it is ‘authentic French food’, it should be sourced from France. Being cooked French style is something slightly different. Anyway, French food equates, from where I come from, snob’s food.:-) What happened to authentic English food or the wide range of ethnic cuisine available in Manchester? Also, organic would be more sustainable, as well as locally sourced.:-)

      • Patrick,
        I am reluctant to continue this conversation for the following reasons
        a) time
        b) anyone looking at it will – rightly – be laughing their socks off; “don’t the greens have real fish to fry?”
        c) you seem to think that your defintions/associations with French food are the only legitimate. The implication is that all French people are haute bourgeoisie. Well, in that case, who stormed the Bastille, set up the 1870 Commune, etc etc?
        And again, Patrick, it’s easy to criticise – (I should know, I have YEARS of practice.) It’s surely better to put on an “authentic” Manchester food festival, and get people voting for the Greens?
        I hold no particular brief for Climate Survivors, btw. I have no idea if this event is going to be any good, but I DO know some people have put time and effort into it. Is every last skerrick of food going to be locavore? Dunno? Should it? Maybe, yeah. But that is actually quite a tall order… And even if it were it could STILL be “authentic” French food, by any reasonable definition. Right, I have failed to jump the shark here, and deserve to be eaten by said-tooth-fish. Here’s a question – will I be an “authentic” Australian meal for him, given I have only spent 1 year of the last 20 down under?
        That is all!

  2. Pauline Hocking says:

    LOL 🙂 – Pauline here from Climate Survivors. We are buying most of the ingredients from Unicorn and the chef, one of our members, is French, and a chef, and wanted to share some of the dishes he loves to make. Hope that’s all OK!!! Also, just my penny’s worth…. or French franc’s worth… oh flips no should be saying Euro’s worth… or should I cos that could change any minute – – sorry digressing… we’re just a group of individuals coming together to spread a message that action on sustainability is needed, can be fun, can be creative, can be done in a friendly welcoming sharing manner. Hope you come Patrick and ‘bon appetit’.

    • Hi Pauline,
      Thank you for your reply, which is what I was after with my first post, not to be construed as a racists. I am glad to hear you are sourcing your ingredients from the Unicorn, which mostly organic, and a I place I also shop. I hope your event is successful, but I have another event, I was invited to some time ago.

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