Something for the Weekend 29 June 2012 #Manchester #Climate

To get your weekend off to a start- a political conundrum involving hot beverages;

Why do anarchists only drink herbal tea?
Because proper tea is theft.

And this weekend…

There are four events, one very climate-y, one very nuclear-y, one “historical” (but also about the present!) and one about the commons…

Sat 30th June, 11.00am – 4.00pm: Stopping the Nuclear Juggernaut; A Campaign Planning Day for Activists
Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Manchester, M4 7HR
This meeting has been organised to learn about the success of campaigns in other countries, and of many environmental campaigns here in the UK, and how they can be sustained. We want to build on the most effective ways of campaigning and draw upon the skills and understandings of ‘Occupy’ and ‘Plane Stupid’ and other groups. This is a planning meeting for a future campaigners’ event later in the year designed to strengthen the movement, in a similar way to the Yokahama conference in February 2012 brought thousands of activists together in Japan.

The aims and objectives of this planning meeting are as follows:
To connect with national and local NGOs and activists to develop a consistent campaign that effectively puts pressure on the Government and the nuclear industry;
To interact with positive international initiatives in this area;
To plan a national / international conference to energise the anti-nuclear community;
To improve and promote a consistent anti-nuclear message.

This planning meeting is open to members of local and national nuclear concerned and environmental groups across the UK, Ireland and further afield.
Please email / return this form to: Jacqui Burke, GMDCND, 22a Beswick Street, Manchester, M4 7HR by 22nd June 2012. Tel: 0161 273 8283.

Saturday 30th June, 7.30pm The launch of MANCHESTER CAMPAIGNS on , Creative Corner Cafe – 14 Milton Grove, Whalley Range M16 0BP.  MANCHESTER CAMPAIGNS is the first summer school programme presented by the Café Historique (Manchester). Between 1st July and 31st August, manchester will be transformed into a giant classroom – fantastically inspiring history lessons (see selected list below) looking at activism + philanthropy will take place. For regular updates + online events, please log on to MANCHESTER CAMPAIGNS (website currently under construction) +/or CAFE HISTORIQUE TV

Sun 1st July  10am for 10.30 start till 4.00pm

A Common Cause

“The law locks up the man or woman,
Who steals the goose from off the common,
But leaves the greater villain loose,
Who steals the common from the goose”

Imagine a world where…people, the planet and the good of humanity
are valued above financial gain

Schumacher North is organising a workshop on the Commons to explore this new way of managing and safeguarding the essential resources which are our true wealth.

The Merci Centre, Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester, M4 7HR

Sun 1st July, 3pm to 6pm Big Abundant Party, organised by Climate Survivors
Location: The Brow House
Street: 1 Mabfield Road, Fallowfield
City/Town: Manchester M14 6LP

And if you know any jokes of the high standard we’ve used so far, please submit ’em.

About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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