“News”- Greater #Manchester Climate Strategy Implementation Plan delayed. Again

You’d be forgiven for not knowing it, but there’s a “Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy.”  It sets out some challenging targets.  One of the targets that is being missed, however, is the deadline to produce a plan to implement that very strategy itself.

We were assured that the “Implementation Plan” would be presented in March (it was due to kick in from April 1st).  It wasn’t. We were assured that everything was on track for the following meeting of the “Environment Commission” – the group that signs off this stuff before it goes in front of the big boys (the Greater Manchester Combined Authority heads). So, with great anticipation we have just downloaded the papers for the July meeting (Friday 13th in Oldham, in case you’re at an extremely loose end)…

Er, whoops.  There’s this…

It is proposed that a first full draft of the [Implementation] Plan is presented to the Commission at its next meeting on October 12th and, depending upon the progress of approval for the GMS ‘refresh’ and progress on the partnership with Government Depts, the Plan can be finalised at that meeting or on December 7th ahead of being presented to the AGMA Executive for approval.

Why? Well, y’see…

While an immense diversity of description, detail, priority and measurement in reporting is making the process of aggregation and summary extremely challenging, progress towards building up a picture of aggregated activity levels across Greater Manchester from 2011 – 2015 is being made. Once a certain amount of collation has been completed, a broadly indicative baseline of currently planned activity will be in place.

Anyone who is waiting for the GMCA to prepare Manchester for the challenges of climate change, well, enjoy the wait. Everyone else – why not get involved in making things happen?  Thursday July 19th, from 6.30pm to 9pm at Madlab

Marc Hudson

P.S. At some point the Environment Commission is going to get a new chair (it is of course unprecedented and completely unpredictable for a chair who is an elected politician to become unavailable on account of, um, losing an election. We will follow the story really really closely, but this stuff really really matters.

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2 Responses to “News”- Greater #Manchester Climate Strategy Implementation Plan delayed. Again

  1. Yep, that’s it. Isn’t it fascinating that there does not appear to be a version of this online in html, with hyperlinks and space for comment? What an uncharacteristic oversight on their part. It gives the totally false impression that they just don’t give a rat’s posterior what anyone outside the charmed circle of quangocrats thinks about it all. No, wait…

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