Fallowfield Secret Garden – week-long opening!!

this from their website…

Big volunteer push!!!

Got some great news for you all today.  Me and Mark have committed one full time week of garden attendance starting this Monday…

This means the Secret Garden will be publicly open from 12am – 5pm and 6pm – 9pm, between Mon 16th and Fri 20th.

The reason for this is the Royal Horticultural Society are judging the Secret Garden for their ‘in bloom’ award.

Let make a big push to get the Secret Garden tarted up!!

Bring anyone interested down.  Even if for only an hour.  The buzzword is encourage.

To make this as productive as possible we will have everything necessary to begin several projects that I will list here.

You only need to bring yourself, and some elbow grease.

Project 1

Flower bed construction and planting

We will have plenty of soil, wood, and plants at the Secret Garden.

This will involve building the raised beds, by digging wood into a small trench.

Filling then up with soil

Then planting something

Simple and rewarding

Project 2

Complete the unfinished benches

uDesign was a success because everyone went hone with their fingers.

But we have two benches that were unfinished due to rain.

Can you remember how to make a dowel joint?

It’s very easy if you would like to try anyway!

Project 3

Neaten the paths and boarders

The weeding is the worst of this work…. So City South are lending us a strimmer.  Easy.

This means the most satisfying work is all that’s left.

The soil needs turning (the rain we’ve had makes this the perfect time).

And then membrane needs replacing.

Then we have some fresh wood chip to layer on top.  Thanks again to City South.

Project 4

Assemble the chicken hut

Again a fun project, a personal thank you goes out to Mirella for this kind donation!

The hut will be delivered dismantled.

The ground needs levelling.

And you need to get stuck in!


Like I say this is a big push for volunteers, remember to encourage everyone.

Full time workers have no excuse, we’re here until 9pm.

It’s time to transform the Fallowfield Secret Garden.

If you or your friend really can’t donate any time, can you lend or donate??

We have come to realise that money is not as good to receive as building materials (especially wood), plants and tools.

We would absolutely love it if you could lend us your container plants too.  It will be only temporary, until the judges go home!

Any garden furniture would be fantastic too.

See you there.

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3 Responses to Fallowfield Secret Garden – week-long opening!!

  1. I feel foolish, but I could not find the address of the garden in all the various notes. Can you help?

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    Find us next door to 86 Wilbraham Road, not far from the Yew Road M14 7DR

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